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Why are some rice packages vacuum and some are filled with nitrogen

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Why are some of the Golden Arowana rice vacuum and some are not

good rice is usually not easy to store, because there is no additive, so it should be vacuum packed; Only the rice added with additives will not go moldy for a long time
I have eaten well packaged rice. Sometimes the quality of packaging is directly proportional to the quality. I remember that the brand is the same as the organization

it’s just a selling method of the seller. The prices of the two are definitely different. Generally, they are vacuum, and the price will be more expensive

that’s different. When air leaks, it’s the same thing. Vacuumizing is sometimes the same thing! After inflation, the rice will absorb the filled gas. After a period of time (assuming the package is intact), it will look similar to that of vacuum! But there’s actually gas in it. Due to temperature and other reasons, such as the increase of temperature and the decrease of adsorption capacity of rice, you may see that this bag of rice is like air leakage! But in fact, it has no relationship with the air charge at time. Besides vacuum, no matter how you put it in the vacuum bag or soak it in water (the package is intact), it’s like that! Nothing has changed.

first of all, I don’t agree with vacuum packaging. From the perspective of taste, no matter how the vacuum packaging machine is, the taste will certainly change. This is somewhat different from the inflatable packaging of potato chips. The extension time is not long. What if you want to have a good look

vacuum is better. Microorganisms and bacteria cannot survive

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