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Who knows how to write the mechanical assembly process

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it’s very simple. You write down the assembly process, such as what serial number 1 does, what serial number 2 does, the tools to be used in each step, and the points for attention. It’s best to match the illustration notes, and indicate the special parts in the illustration, what inspection requirements, what quality level are required, what inspection tools are required, whether the whole inspection is required or the operator control of the process. Anyway, it’s the points for attention you think of, and the process should be reflected, From the parts process, size assurance, surface appearance requirements, packaging requirements… It’s very simple. You can have experience after doing it twice and make it into a form

assembly process is a guiding document form in the assembly production process in the factory. The main contents include: what necessary tooling is needed. Some idioms: such as cleaning parts and deburring, modern chemical plants generally use the form of operation instructions to gradually replace the old assembly process mode

the mechanical assembly process has two parts: one is the assembly process. The main content is what to install in the first step and what to install in the second step. 2、 Assembly process flow card. The main contents are what to install in the process, how to install, according to what standard, how to detect after installation, and the time-consuming of the process

mechanical assembly process is a kind of process document, which is generally used to guide the fitter to carry out mechanical assembly
its contents include:
1. All operation names and operation sequences for completing the transfer operation
2. Each process has a detailed operation process. The contents of the process card include:
process name, required parts, required tools, operation process (cleaning, re inspection, operation, process inspection, etc.), technical requirements, inspection tools, man hour quota and special case handling
the above two parts constitute the assembly process.

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