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Which packing scale works best

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although our company also makes packaging scales, if we answer this question objectively instead of being suspected of deliberately advertising, there are still many well-known brands making packaging scales in China, but it is not easy to answer which packaging scales have good effects. Even well-known packaging scale manufacturers are good at industries, such as Zhangzhou Jialong in the rice industry, Harbin Boshi chemical industry, etc, There are many more. It is suggested that you can choose the appropriate manufacturer according to your industry. In fact, when choosing the packaging scale, most customers should not only consider the strength of the manufacturer, but also consider the price, after-sales guarantee, industry Hukou monument, etc.

Jiangsu Zhongke Youte Robot Technology Co., Ltd. is subordinate to Changzhou Industrialization Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Changzhou science and Education City, Jiangsu Province, is located in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, a leading area for the development of high-tech industry and independent innovation of science and technology
Jiangsu Zhongke Youte Robot Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise integrating product R & D, manufacturing and sales. It is specialized in the R & D of industrial robots, automatic production lines, metering equipment, conveying equipment, industrial control system engineering and other related products, as well as the design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and service of complete sets of equipment and systems. At present, our products include palletizing machine, logistics conveying system, automatic weighing system, automatic packaging system, detection system, environmental protection engineering, robot claw and automatic robot palletizing system, automatic batching and packaging production line, etc. It is widely used in grain and oil, food, beverage, medicine, chemical industry, fertilizer, cement, glass, friction materials, refractories, steel, building materials, environmental protection and many other industries
I. R & D team
Zhongke Youte company and the Institute of advanced manufacturing technology, the Institute of numerical control technology, the Institute of optoelectronic technology, the Institute of chemistry and other Chinese Academy of Sciences conducted industrial transformation projects in Changzhou scientific research institutions. There are 167 excellent R & D talent teams, of which doctors account for more than 30% and masters account for more than 50%. There are 2 professional R & D buildings and more than 20 laboratories, which has laid a solid foundation for the technical guidance, technological innovation and sustainable development of the company’s products
II. Production and manufacturing base
it has a modern standard manufacturing plant (covering an area of more than 5000 square meters), equipped with various advanced manufacturing equipment and testing equipment, and has formulated a perfect manufacturing process. At the same time, it has more than 40 professional technicians with many years of practical experience in mechanical manufacturing, precision machining, assembly and commissioning. The production process is in strict accordance with the requirements of ISO9000 system
III. service team
the company is based on the enterprise business philosophy of “quality first, reputation first, sincere service and continuous innovation”
pre sales – according to the needs of customers, we will send experienced professional technical engineers to the site to make detailed feasible technical solutions with customers on process requirements, configuration, site, space, investment cost, etc
on sale – our design engineers will always track the progress of the scheme and the improvement in the process until it is delivered to the customer’s site on schedule
after sales – the perfect after-sales service system ensures that customers always pay attention to getting timely technical support and the stable operation of the equipment
IV. common development with customers
relying on the technical advantages, talent advantages and achievement advantages of CAS, we can provide customers with satisfactory overall solutions, intelligent systems, high-tech products and fast and efficient service team. Realize the common growth and development of the company and customers and win-win cooperation.

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