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Which organizations in Dalian carry out public welfare activities

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on September 15, Dalian daily, together with Dalian women’s Federation, launched a large-scale environmental protection public welfare activity of “I love Dalian with a cloth bag” – “I am a cloth bag”. Recently, 3000 environmental protection cloth bags printed with the words “I am a cloth bag” have “flown into” people’s homes. A “cloth bag trend” is blowing strongly in Dalian

influenced and inspired by “I m not a plastic bag” (I am not a plastic bag), which is very popular in the world this summer, Dalian daily cooperates with the Municipal Women’s Federation and cooperates with Dalian cooked food trading center, the first green market in Northeast China, to launch the “cloth bag trend”. To this end, Dalian Daily has spared no effort to conduct intensive publicity

on September 8, family magazine, the weekly Department of Dalian daily, published the first report in a full page: “the butterfly effect of a cloth bag”, launched the public service advertisement of “cloth bag fashion”, and publicly solicited the design scheme of “I am a cloth bag” and “golden ideas” for family environmental protection for the whole society… At the same time, giving full play to the advantages of the Internet, it specially produced a page about “cloth bag fashion” on Dalian news online, And can directly submit design schemes and suggestions

once the report was issued, it attracted extensive attention from readers from all walks of life in the city. On September 13, the front page of the A1 edition of Dalian daily issued a notice message: “I am a cloth bag” has attracted much attention, and the “cloth bag trend” will rise in a row this Saturday. It is predicted that on September 15, the newspaper will launch the “one million family energy conservation and environmental protection activity” with the Municipal Women’s Federation, and distribute 3000 cloth bags printed with the words “I am a cloth bag” free of charge. On September 15, family magazine reported the response of enthusiasts, enterprises and environmental protection experts to the cloth bag from different angles since the beginning of the activity with an article entitled “one cloth bag tests our environmental protection heart”. At the same time, the newspaper and the Municipal Women’s Federation issued a proposal calling on families in the city to consciously establish the concept of green economy and environmental protection, effectively control the pollution generated in daily consumption, use more cloth bags and vegetable baskets, and use less or no plastic bags. On this day, family magazine also published some design works

at the launching ceremony of “millions of families saving and environmental protection activities” on September 15, the newspaper distributed “I am a cloth bag” to the general public free of charge. On September 16, the day after the first event, the A1 edition of Dalian daily showed readers the warm scene of the event with the central picture and the news report: “the trend of cloth bags is blowing in Dalian”. On September 17, the reporter of the newspaper issued a special report in the “cover recommendation” column of B1 edition of Dalian Daily: “environmental protection cloth bags” fly into people’s homes “. From the perspective of the event site, the organizer and the leaders of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, this paper explains and expounds the significance of “cloth bag” to life and environmental protection. The leaders of Dalian Environmental Protection Bureau spoke highly of this activity. In such a short time, such intensive publicity and reporting is like fighting an environmental protection campaign

advocating the concept of environmental protection is the bounden responsibility of the party newspaper. Some supermarkets, packaging companies and other enterprises have had a strong interest in “cloth bags” and actively discussed cooperation with reporters. The trend of cloth bags and the concept of environmental protection advocated by it will continue to be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

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