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Which company makes non-standard equipment better

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there are many kinds of non-standard equipment: conveying equipment, pressure vessels, tooling and molds, production (flow) lines, etc
find corresponding supporting suppliers according to their own needs
I have done continuous pickling line for strip steel, galvanizing line, color coating line, hard (paper) currency packaging line, profile cold and hot rolling, cold bending rear finishing line, conveying machinery, pressure vessel and other metallurgical and chemical accessories. Please leave a message if necessary.

we are a manufacturer specializing in the design and processing of non-standard equipment. In Panyu District, Guangzhou, we have been involved in plastic machinery, packaging equipment, machining, assembly line transformation and other industries. Our website is:, QQ: 16840669

our company has done well! We are from Shijiazhuang. I don’t know where the landlord is from? Our name is Shijiazhuang Dongming non-standard equipment Co., Ltd. we can check it online

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