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Which city in China likes fresh lettuce best?

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Which city likes to eat fresh lettuce

on March 6, the wholesale price of lettuce in Xinfadi market was 1.00-1.80 yuan /kg, and the price in the same period last week (February 28) was 0.90-2.30 yuan /kg, a decrease of 12.5% on a weekly basis; The same period last year was 1.40-2.00 yuan /kg, a year-on-year decrease of 17.65%. The week on month ratio decreased significantly, and the year-on-year ratio decreased significantly
the main producing areas of lettuce this week are Wenzhou and Taizhou in Zhejiang Province; Wuhu in Anhui, and a small amount from Sichuan, Yunnan and Shandong. Previously, the quality of lettuce in Xiamen and Putian, Fujian, which had a large amount of listing, has declined recently, and the listing volume is decreasing rapidly
at present, there are two kinds of lettuce on the market: one is sold in bundles, with a low price of about 1.00-1.80 yuan /kg, and the other is packaged in plastic bags, which is sold after manual selection, processing and bagging at the market site, with a high price of 2.00-2.40 yuan /kg
in the early stage, there was a large number of Fujian lettuce on the market before and after the Spring Festival. Later, due to the high local temperature and the influence of rainy weather, the local lettuce was prone to rotten leaves and yellow heart after long-distance transportation. Therefore, the listing of Fujian lettuce in Beijing market decreased sharply, and the main supply places in Beijing market were transferred to Zhejiang and Anhui
this week, the price of lettuce has increased due to changes in origin and differences in quality. However, except for the price of repackaging, in fact, the price of lettuce has decreased compared with the same period last year and last week. The first is the decline of freight. Last week, the freight from Fujian to Beijing was 12000 yuan /vehicle (25 tons), and this week the freight dropped to 7000-8000 yuan /vehicle; The second is the decline of labor loading and unloading costs in the market. Before, the labor oil cost was 500 yuan /person per day, but now it is 300 yuan /person; In addition, since the Spring Festival, the market has suspended the collection of entry transaction fees, which greatly reduces the operating costs of merchants
according to the merchants in Xinfadi market, the planting area of lettuce in many producing areas is larger than that in the same period last year. In the same period of previous years, Sichuan lettuce will also be listed in large quantities, but this year’s price is not enough to cover the operating cost, so only a small number of Sichuan lettuce will be listed.

the sun was fine yesterday. Located in Chaoyang vegetable base in Jos Town, tomatoes have already borne fruit, garlic seedlings are preparing to take moss, sporadic rape flowers are scattered in the field, and the air is full of the smell of spring

when a warm wind blew, Chai Weiguo, director of Hangzhou Vegetable Research Institute, stopped and asked: do you smell the fragrance

take a deep breath – isn’t this the unique fragrance of lettuce

on the roadside two meters away, rows of dense purple leaves are undulating with the wind. Director Chai said that this is Hangzhou people’s favorite “fragrant lettuce”, which is appearing in large numbers on Hangzhou people’s dinner tables during this period

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What does Hangzhou local fragrant lettuce look like

purple pointed leaves and green meat

“this is a new local fragrant lettuce. It’s delicious!” These two days, if you go to buy lettuce, the vegetable seller’s aunt must bite the words “local” and “Xiang” very hard, then pick up one, peel and peel it quickly, click, break and stuff it into your plastic bag

if you take it out and examine it suspiciously, aunt will laugh at you: when you eat local lettuce, there will never be hollow

No, the meat outside here is crisp, tender and full, as if it can drip water

there are many varieties of lettuce, which can be divided into stem and leaf. The leaves are round and pointed, the epidermis is white and green, and the body is thick and thin. The local fragrant lettuce, which Hangzhou people like to eat most, I observed carefully yesterday. Except that the leaves are pointed and purple, its body is also green and purplish red, and it is longer than the lettuce in other places. Peel off the purplish red skin and the meat inside is crisp green

the price of newly listed fragrant lettuce is also more expensive than ordinary lettuce. Yesterday afternoon, I bought a local fragrant lettuce in the vegetable market, which was 3.5 yuan /kg, and the two cost 8 yuan. The price of price cube shows that the price of ordinary lettuce is 3.2 yuan /kg

how much do Hangzhou people love lettuce

last year, dozens of varieties of lettuce seeds were sold, and fragrant lettuce accounted for more than half of them

director Chai said that in terms of taste, local fragrant lettuce is fresher and tender than other varieties of lettuce, and fragrant lettuce is the best to eat in this season. The weather is too cold, the root activity is weakened, and the ability to absorb water and fertilizer is reduced, which is easy to lead to hollow; When the weather is warmer and the lettuce starts to moss, it will consume part of the nutrition, which will also affect the nutrition and taste of the lettuce

in fact, lettuce is also called lettuce, because it looks like a bamboo shoot and has spiral lines one by one. People in Jiangnan prefer to call it lettuce. Lettuce existed as early as the Tang Dynasty. When Du Fu was poor and living in Kuizhou, he couldn’t afford the fashionable high-priced lettuce in the market. He was full of hope to sprinkle seeds on the ground, but only wild amaranth covered the ground. The delicious green vegetables he thought didn’t grow, so he wrote a poem “planting lettuce” to vent his grief and anger. Today, the planting technology of lettuce is quite mature. Director Chai said that lettuce is a crop that can be planted with high density, so the economic benefits are quite good. According to him, 8000 plants can be planted on an acre of land

at the price of 4 yuan per piece, 8000 plants per mu, everyone can calculate the economic benefits

among many local lettuce, fragrant lettuce is the most popular. According to the staff responsible for seed promotion of the Vegetable Research Institute, among the dozens of varieties of lettuce seeds sold last year, fragrant lettuce accounted for more than half.

lettuce originated in the Mediterranean in 4500 BC and was introduced into China in the 5th century. Hebei is the first place of origin of lettuce in China. Lettuce is planted in Shandong and other provinces in China. In addition, leaf lettuce is widely cultivated all over the world, mainly distributed in Europe, America, Asia and Taiwan

is lettuce lettuce
lettuce is lettuce, but lettuce is not just lettuce. Lettuce can be divided into leaf and stem. Leaf lettuce is also called lettuce, and stem lettuce is also called lettuce and fragrant shoot

the difference between lettuce and lettuce
lettuce and lettuce are deeply loved by people because of their refreshing taste and rich nutrition. But strictly speaking, lettuce and lettuce are not vegetables, lettuce is not lettuce, and lettuce can be called lettuce. Because what we usually call lettuce is actually lettuce, a kind of lettuce, which mainly eats leaves. Lettuce is also a kind
of lettuce, which mainly eats stems. Therefore, lettuce is a general name of this kind of vegetables, and lettuce is only a sub order under this general order, not a different name of the same vegetable

lettuce and lettuce have different eating methods
lettuce and lettuce are two different dishes under the same subject, with different shapes and eating methods. Lettuce mainly eats leaves, while lettuce mainly eats stems. People with hypertension, arrhythmia and other diseases can often eat it, which has good curative effect. Most people can eat it, especially the elderly and children, but it belongs to cold food. Pregnant women and pregnant women should try to avoid it

the main varieties of lettuce
according to the leaf shape of lettuce, it can be divided into two types: sharp leaf and round leaf. According to the color of stem, each type can be divided into white shoot (green and white outer skin), green shoot (light green outer skin) and purple shoot (purple green)

lettuce with pointed leaves

leaves are lanceolate, apex is pointed, leaf clusters are small, internodes are sparse, leaf surface is smooth or slightly wrinkled, and the color is green or purple. The fleshy stem is rod-shaped, thick at the bottom and thin at the top. It is late maturing and heat-resistant at seedling stage. It can be cultivated in autumn or over winter. The main varieties are: willow leaf lettuce, Beijing purple leaf lettuce, Shaanxi pointed leaf white asparagus, Chengdu pointed leaf, Chongqing wannianzhuang, Shanghai pointed leaf, Nanjing baipixiang early planting, etc

round leaf lettuce

the leaves are long and obovate, the top is slightly round, the leaf surface shrinks more, the leaf clusters are larger, the internodes are dense, the stem is thick (the middle and lower parts are thicker, the two ends are thinner), the maturity is early, the cold resistance is strong, and the heat is not heat-resistant. It is often cultivated as winter and spring lettuce. The main varieties are: Beijing crucian carp and melon shoots, Chengdu hanging silk red, erbaipi and erqingpi, Jinan white lettuce, Shaanxi round leaf white shoot, Shanghai small round leaf and large round leaf, Nanjing zipixiang, Hubei Xiaogan lettuce, Hunan luohammer lettuce, etc

the nutritional value of lettuce
lettuce is rich in nutrients, especially in leaves. Every 500g of fresh lettuce leaves (Beijing area) contains 10g protein, 2.5G fat, 16.5g carbohydrate, 190mg calcium, 185mg phosphorus, 5.5mg iron, 10.7mg carotene and vitamin B20 6 mg, vitamin C75 mg, etc. But the content in the stem is much lower. Every 500g lettuce stem contains only 1.5g protein, 0.2g fat and 4.7G carbohydrate. The content of carotene and vitamin C is very small

Edible Part 62%. Every 100g contains 59kj energy, 95.5g water, 1g protein, 0.1g fat, 0.6g dietary fiber, 2.2g carbohydrate and 150 carotene μ g. Retinol equivalent 25 μ g. 0.025mg, 0.02mg niacin; Vitamin C 4mg, vitamin E 0.19mg, potassium 212mg, sodium 36.5mg, calcium 23mg, magnesium 19mg, iron 0.9mg, manganese 0.19mg, zinc 0.33mg, copper 0.07mg, phosphorus 48mg, selenium 0.54 μ g。 The edible part of its leaves is 89%. The energy content per 100g was 75 kJ, and the vitamin C content was 13 mg, which was significantly higher than that of the stem. Therefore, from the perspective of nutrition, we should change the habit of eating lettuce stems instead of leaves

lettuce suitable crowd
suitable food:

lettuce suitable for urination, urine and edema, diabetes and obesity, neurasthenia, hypertension, arrhythmia, insomnia patients consumption; Women who lack milk or milk after childbirth should also eat; Drinking and eating can relieve alcohol; It is better to eat during the growth and development of children and adolescents

avoid food:

children with ADHD, those suffering from eye disease, gout, spleen and stomach deficiency cold, diarrhea and loose stools should not eat it. Ordinary people should not eat too much or often lettuce, otherwise they will have a toxic reaction of dizziness and lethargy, leading to night blindness or other eye diseases. If eating more lettuce causes night blindness and eye diseases, just stop eating lettuce and it will get better in a few days. During menstruation and cold dysmenorrhea, women should avoid cold lettuce

there are more lettuce eaters in Yunnan, because they have more mountains and more bamboo, so they also have more lettuce. It is said that they like to eat according to the population

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