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Which brand of rice vacuum packaging machine is good

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Which brand of rice vacuum packaging machine is good? Which brand of rice vacuum packaging machine is good

look at the factories and stores in Fujian. Don’t look for an agent or something. You’d better find the factory directly.

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 1. Blueberry vacuum machine 

 the blueberry vacuum machine is controlled by microcomputer and has the functions of vacuum, sealing and cooling at one time. For different packaging materials and different packaging requirements, the vacuum degree, heat sealing temperature and heat sealing time of the machine are adjusted to achieve better packaging effect. It is an ideal small vacuum inflatable packaging machine at present

 2. Bleuets vacuum machine 

 the V-shaped vacuum chamber sealing strip of bleuets vacuum machine is made of high-density materials, which ensures the sealing performance of the machine in daily work. The pressure resistance and wear resistance of the materials prolong the service life of the sealing strip, reduce the replacement times and reduce the production cost. The vacuum cover makes the vacuum packaging transparent and the process of high-quality organic glass can be seen at a glance

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Haiyu technology 87003440

there are many brands of vacuum packaging machines. The choice of vacuum packaging machines first depends on the quality. Go to the physical store and feel it under the actual operation. No matter how much you read online, it is groundless and cannot be compared in depth. What I learned on the Internet is the approximate price level. Of course, if you don’t buy a good vacuum packaging machine, the price can’t be cheap. The second is to understand the after-sales service. After all, the vacuum packaging machine is not a one-time consumer goods. You need to use it all at once and have consumables. In the future, you need to replace the vacuum oil, heating wire, high-temperature cloth and other consumable parts, and the maintenance must be better. After sales service is very important. Considering the price, find the equipment with the same type parameters suitable for yourself in the market and compare the price. Why is it expensive and why is it cheap. Every penny counts. Choose a cost-effective equipment
1. First, determine the size of your vacuum bag, as well as the size and output of the packaged products. 2kg and 10kg vacuum bags are common
2. Determine the sealing length of the vacuum machine according to the size of the bag, determine the size of the vacuum chamber of the vacuum machine according to the size of the product, and then select the equipment suitable for the model in combination with the output.

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