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Where is Haier’s address in Hefei? emergency

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Hefei Haier Industrial Park
is located in Hefei National Economic and Technological Development Zone, covering an area of 798 mu. It was started in March 2000 and has been completed and put into operation
address: Haier Industrial Park, bustling Avenue, Hefei Economic and Technological Development Zone

the projects in the park include:

network digital color TV Project: to produce flat screen digital color TV of international advanced level
fluorine free environmental protection air conditioning project: produce fluorine free environmental protection air conditioning
personalized washing machine project: produce personalized washing machines that meet different consumer needs
Hefei Haier special steel plate project: it produces color steel plates for household appliances and building materials, as well as fixed size materials. It can also provide processing services according to customers’ needs, and provide color plates for washing machines, air conditioners and color televisions
East China Packaging Project: developing foam foam products and producing Haier air conditioner, washing machine and color TV set in Hefei. Br> Seaview packaging project: engaged in carton production, providing carton packaging products for Hefei Haier air conditioners, washing machines and color TV sets
Tianda plastic and sheet metal project: provide advanced plastic molds and precision machined parts for Haier Group and local enterprises. Its completion can improve the supporting level of group products and local enterprises
Haiyi plastic project: with an annual output of 3.2 million sets of plastic accessories

Hefei Haier Industrial Park is the largest B2B production base of Haier Group in the central and western regions. Through the advanced e-commerce network platform, the manufacturing enterprises in the park can purchase, manufacture and sell according to the order, and achieve the “three zeros” goal of zero distance, zero inventory and zero capital possession with consumers.

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