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Where does Xi’an have recycled diamond necklaces?

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I’ve bought it for several years. It’s a diamond pendant

there are many gold recycling stores. I don’t know whether diamonds are recycled or not. There should also be gold jewelry counters in major shopping malls. Go and ask

there are also many diamond recycling places in Xi’an. For example, some jewelry processing shops, large luxury recycling companies, or pawnbrokers can recycle diamond necklaces. Of course, some people use a second-hand platform such as a fish. However, it is difficult to sell diamonds on a fish. If you dare to sell them, others may not believe it. It’s better to choose physical stores for valuables transactions

large recycling companies have their own regular stores. There is a process of appraisal for diamond recycling, which needs professional appraisers to complete. This is why large recycling companies are more reasonable than small stores. When recycling diamonds, remember to bring the purchase certificate, original packaging, certificate and so on

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