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Where does Foshan Chancheng have a gift shop or sell gift boxes?

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I want the place and location ~ ~
is there no clear location…..

Foshan is so big that there are many stationery stores and Xinhua bookstore.

there should be some boutiques in general

gift giving, in the traditional sense, is to give something in kind. Pay more attention to what you like. No matter what the purpose of gift giving is, you should always give something that the other party likes, but in the process of gift giving, you should pay attention to the central idea of giving less gifts than feelings. With the development of society, the gifts given by gift giving have gradually changed. New gifts such as education and health are constantly displayed, which fully reflects the diversity of social needs. There are also great changes in the form of gift giving. Gift cards are widely used. Gift cards make up for some disadvantages of traditional gift giving, such as the embarrassment of giving unnecessary gifts, such as giving money directly. Gift cards give the givee enough space to choose and consume freely. At present, they are widely popular

gifts must depend on whether the other party can accept, like or dislike them? See if you are for any purpose, what kind of goods? When? Why? What do you want? For whom? Who will deliver it? If it is based on making the other party happy, so that everyone can be happy and accept it, don’t be smart and give it away, others will be unhappy. Only by knowing yourself and the enemy can we win every battle. We must carefully understand and ask the other party for advice. What do we need and dislike? Otherwise, if you don’t do things properly, you will fall short of success. Suddenly, I don’t know why. If people don’t dislike it, you’ll be bored. “Do not do to others what you do not want.” Especially what you don’t want, don’t impose it on others. If the other party doesn’t like the gift you send, ask but can’t, give up but can’t, this is the biggest sorrow of life. If you ignore and attach importance to each other, forget or violate your conscience, “supplementary delivery” is meaningless

gift giving skills:

& lt; 1>. Know the taste of others
< 2>. Motivation cannot be included. We should try to avoid some suggestive and meaningful gifts
< 3>. It’s always good to be new. Because no one likes to receive second-hand goods
< 4>. Whether it’s 10000 yuan or 10000 yuan, tear it up first. Giving a gift with a clearly marked price seems to remind the other party how much my gift cost. Are you looking forward to a return? Or do you want to do a business of equal value exchange and value for money? It is generally considered impolite to put a price tag on a gift. It’s not smart for you to express your mind
< 5>. Carefully selected packaging. Gifts are different from personal use. Good content is important and good form is more colorful. The principle of gift giving is to choose beautiful packaging as much as possible
< 6>. Relatively speaking, giving gifts to women is always simple. There are many small pieces in women’s life, which are a good choice for you to give gifts. The female nature of daughter, wife and mother can be greatly catered to in gift giving
< 7>. Nevertheless, giving women clothes is still unwise. Don’t say that the color and style are really good for thousands of people, which is difficult to figure out. The key obstacle is size – being thin is troublesome, but being fat also annoys her: am I so fat
< 8>. Seize the opportunity to give gifts. There are many opportunities for gift giving. We can only give a birthday gift to one person once a year, but nothing can stop us from giving “non birthday” gifts at other times. For a long time, non birthday gifts have been shouldering the heavy responsibility of enhancing feelings, soothing injured hearts and repairing broken friendships
< 9>. I like your gift. If you don’t even like a gift, you shouldn’t let others receive it
< 10>. Do something new. It’s the most troublesome thing to give a gift to someone who is not interested in anything or lacks nothing. You might as well use your head and ask him or her to see a very attractive performance
< 11>. Choose more practical gifts according to the recipient’s occupation
< 12>. Measure a reasonable price. This gift is impolite because it is too cheap. In fact, the value of the gift should be measured by the relationship between you and the recipient, so as to avoid embarrassment to both sides
< 13>. Personalized gifts. Homemade gifts are unique in the world. They will express your mind
< 14>. It is said that ties and belts should not be given to men unless you have a close relationship with him. Because these things mean to tie each other down. By analogy, it seems inappropriate to give women necklaces, let alone rings
< 15>. Gift giving should be between practical and impractical, and master the degree. A book may be better than anything to an expert, but there are fewer and fewer elegant people. However, gifts are gifts in the end, which should not be too practical
< 16>. Avoid sending fresh goods. Even for housewives who love cooking, it’s best not to give chicken, duck, fish, meat and vegetables. Not to mention the difficulties in keeping fresh, the characteristics of making it and eating it when it is imported will greatly degrade its meaning as a gift. By the way, pay attention to the shelf life of nutrition, food and cosmetics, otherwise it will be very embarrassing.

if you want to give gifts at Christmas, you can buy a bunch of cartoon flowers for your lover

go to the Oriental square and have a look.

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