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What’s the difference between meeting chair and training chair

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one for meetings, suitable for internal use. One is for training, which is suitable for large-scale training or other training courses. Of course, it can also be used in schools

conference chair is also called conference chair. It is a kind of product necessary for ordinary meetings. There are many kinds of materials and forms. Materials can be divided into plastic steel, solid wood, mesh and plastic, which are common materials. Making full use of various colors or unified specifications to decorate the meeting room will have a significant impact on the mind or visual impact during the meeting
the training chair is also called dictation chair and news chair. It refers to the chair that can work on the desk at training meetings, news conferences and other related occasions. There are also many choices of materials and specifications. Materials can be divided into mesh, plastic, leather and steel pipe. In terms of function, it can be divided into folding, with tablet, with storage function, etc. The multifunctional training chair can bring convenient and fast training in the training room.

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