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What software do you want to use to make product packaging design?

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Photoshop、CorelDRAW、。 These three software are commonly used. Photoshop (PS for short): commonly used in image processing, packaging background drawing production. CorelDRAW (CDR for short): used for vector diagram editing, plane typesetting, film output, etc. (AI for short): the function is similar to CDR. If you make a large color box, it is recommended to use the software. It has the function of picture link, so that the original document is not so large, and the machine will not crash when opening the finished document. CDR color box is not good. Sometimes the picture file is too large, which is easy to cause crash and poor operation when opening.

CorelDRAW is generally used

: professional vector drawing tool, which is the industry standard vector illustration software for publishing, multimedia and online images. The designed graphics will not be distorted no matter how you enlarge them AI is artistic
Photoshop: no more introduction
CorelDRAW: a vector drawing software with simple operation and wide application range, and powerful vector graphics editing function. CD is more instrumental
in fact, a tool is a tool. It has no special purpose. It is used to make things As for vector, there are still more CDs in China. If you can use PS, you can use AI. AI is basically easy to use. Don’t send an AI file to others. You can’t use it The combination of PS and AI is stronger than CD. Because it is a company, AI is much stronger in the effect of exporting vector map into PSD reserved layer. In addition, AI’s mesh gradient is unmatched by CD. However, the multi page function of CD is not available in AI. If it’s poster or graphic design, all three are good. But those small domestic advertising companies use more PS and CD.

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