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What should we pay attention to in packing? How to carry out graded packaging?

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(1) pre cooled sweet cherry fruit has a lot of field heat after harvest. If it is not pre cooled in time, it will cover the heat and increase the rotten fruit rate. Whether it is pre cooled directly affects the storage period and shelf life of sweet cherry. Precooling is to cool the fruit in the relatively low temperature environment after harvest. The purpose is to quickly remove the field heat, reduce the product temperature, reduce the load of the cold storage after storage, and maintain the best quality of the product after storage

the precooling method of sweet cherry is mainly cold storage precooling. The method of cold storage precooling is to quickly place the harvested fruit in the precooling room where the storage temperature has dropped to – 1 ℃, and place it separately according to the variety, grade and placing time. When placing, there should be a certain gap between boxes to achieve uniform precooling temperature of cherry fruit. When the product temperature of cherry fruit drops to 0 ± 0.5 ℃, it is cold thoroughly, and then the pre cooled cherry fruit is stored in a cold storage with storage temperature of 0 ~ – 1 ℃ or used for transportation. Another method of cherry precooling is cold water precooling, which takes away the field heat of the fruit through water to achieve the purpose of precooling. (2) After harvest, graded sweet cherries are finally sold as commodities. The fruits must be strictly graded. First, the defective fruits such as diseased fruits, rotten fruits, mechanically injured fruits and bird pecking fruits must be removed, and then the strict grading work shall be carried out. At present, the grading method is mainly manual grading. Strictly speaking, it must be graded and packaged in the cold storage, which can play the role of pre cooling in advance. The grading standard divides cherry into special fruit, first-class fruit and second-class fruit according to color, size and maturity. Cherry fruits with the same color, size and maturity are divided into the same grade. Those with good color, large fruit size and high maturity can be classified as super grade fruits, and those with slightly worse maturity can be classified as secondary fruits. In this way, cherry fruits can be classified and sorted by analogy; Another classification method is mechanical classification, which only divides the size of the fruit. Others still need manual operation to complete the classification. At present, mechanical classification is widely used abroad

at present, most of the two grading methods judge color, size and maturity by visual inspection. In order to ensure the strictness of grading, the soluble solids, sugar content and hardness of fruits can also be further digitally reflected to form a unified grading standard. (3) Packaging sweet cherry is sold as a commodity, its packaging is particularly important, which not only affects people’s sensory effect, but also directly affects the economic benefits. The function of its packaging is to keep fresh, facilitate transportation and promote sales

packaging is divided into inner packaging and outer packaging. The inner packaging is mainly to maintain the fruit moisture, quality and taste within a certain period of time. Sweet cherries are not suitable for independent packaging one by one. They are mainly in bulk. At present, sweet cherries are also packaged according to their purpose. The sweet cherries used for local fresh sale and fresh food are generally packed with toilet paper. The selected and graded sweet cherries are loaded into the box according to different levels. Pay attention to fill the space in the box and shake gently to tamp the fruit. In this way, it is not easy to shake during transportation, resulting in damage caused by collision and friction. After loading, cover a layer of toilet paper on the top, and then seal the box. Other paper can also be used in production, as long as it is soft. If it is used to store sweet cherries, plastic film fresh-keeping bags are the most used in production, and the inner packaging should not be too large. 0.03mm PVC fresh bags with good fresh-keeping effect are selected for small packaging. Generally, each bag can contain about 1kg of fruits. After packaging, they are put into plastic turnover boxes and stacked on the shelves prepared in advance in the pre cooled cold storage or cold storage. If it is long-distance transportation, the fresh-keeping bag packaging can be slightly larger, depending on the size of the outer packaging box

outer packaging mainly refers to high-quality packaging that can improve value. This kind of packaging requires exquisite, small and easy to carry. The outer packaging is required to be able to resist extrusion. The outer packaging of sweet cherry should not be too large. Generally, it is more suitable to be 2 ~ 5kg. Select the paper box with plastic sealing film on the surface and printed with logo. It is better to have a portable belt. If it is convenient for transportation, it should be further repackaged. It can be packaged in several small boxes as a whole and fixed in a lattice wooden box on the outside

in addition, when sweet cherries are just on the market, in order to meet the needs of consumers, a small, translucent and fresh-keeping polyethylene package can be selected. This kind of package is common in supermarkets. Generally, it is about 250g. Put the cherry fruits into a tray made of small polyethylene material, close the cherry fruits one by one, and then cover it with a layer of plastic preservative film

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