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What kind of bag is used to pack honey

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What kind of bag is used to pack honey

honey is a kind of weakly acidic food. It is best to store honey in glass or ceramic containers instead of metal containers such as iron and lead, so as to avoid free heavy metals polluting honey. Honey stored in non-toxic plastic bottles should not be too long. The honey in the container should be covered and sealed to avoid contact with humid air to avoid fermentation. It should be kept in a clean, cool and ventilated place, preferably in the refrigerator to avoid pollution
large quantities of honey should be packaged in vats, wooden barrels, plastic barrels, etc., and the special packaging containers should be thoroughly cleaned and wiped dry. In areas with high honey production, honey storage tanks can be established, or they can be stored in wooden barrels or water tanks. The barrels and tanks used should not have peculiar smell. The packed honey shall not be full, especially 25% – 30% space shall be reserved during transportation, so as to prevent the overflow of honey fermentation or bursting of the container when heated and vibrated. Put the honey in a dry, clean, ventilated and tasteless room, and keep the room temperature at 5-10 ℃. Do not put the honey bucket in the open air for a long time, but transfer it in time to ensure the quality of honey
honey is a kind of glucose, fructose and solution containing many nutrients. Because glucose is easy to crystallize. Therefore, the separated honey, placed at a lower temperature for a period of time, glucose will gradually crystallize. The speed of crystallization is related to the grape crystal core, temperature, water and honey source. If you want to melt the crystalline honey, you can put the jar containing honey into the boiling water pot for heating. You can’t barbecue the honey directly on the fire. It is worth noting that when honey is heated to 37 ℃ – 40 ℃, it will lose its efficacy.

the chemical structure of honey is relatively stable. It can be packed with anything, but most of them use glass bottles

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