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What is the reason why the vacuum packaging machine does not seal?

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1. First, check whether it is due to the failure of the pipeline bleeder valve and the airbag exhaust is not smooth. If so, repair and replace it in time

2. Secondly, check the heat closing time to see if the relay is improperly adjusted. If the relay is improperly adjusted, it should be adjusted in time

3. Check to see if the stop position of the conveyor belt is inaccurate. If the position is inaccurate, adjust the stroke switch bump appropriately

4. Check whether the power supply and voltage are unstable. If so, install a stable power supply

5. Check whether the sealing at both ends of the sealing table is not well sealed. If it is not well sealed, adjust the supporting plate screws in time to see whether the screws are too tight, and rotate the adjusting screws counterclockwise

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safety measures for the use of vacuum packaging machine

1. Keep the machine clean and tidy, and the use environment should not be too wet

2. Do not use in flammable, explosive and other harsh environments

3. The three-phase four wire machine shall be equipped with the same type socket consistent with the machine power supply, and shall meet the requirements of three-phase four wire power supply; The single-phase machine shall be equipped with three pole power socket and ensure the reliable grounding of the machine

4. Unplug the power plug when overhauling the machine to prevent electric shock

5. Keep the vacuum chamber in the best clean state, and wipe the inside of the machine regularly. The oil of the vacuum pump can only be added to two-thirds of the oil window of the vacuum pump. Use and maintain the vacuum pump in strict accordance with the operation manual of the vacuum pump

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vacuum packaging machine is a very common packaging equipment in the market. It is mainly used in food, medicine and electronic products industries for vacuum packaging. Recently, some users have reported that the vacuum packaging machine is always unable to seal the mouth. Why? In fact, there are many reasons for this problem. Today, Aixun wants to share with you the unique reasons and solutions of each industry excluding the reasons of the machine itself:
1. There is foreign matter at the mouth of the bag. This problem often occurs in the food industry. Users will stick a small amount of foreign matters to the mouth of the bag when loading products into the bag. For example, when loading meat, oil will be left at the mouth of the bag, and when loading powder, residual powder will be left at the mouth of the bag. These foreign matters will cause the bag to not seal normally. Therefore, aisun suggests that a funnel should be used when loading products into the bag
2. Short vacuum pumping time. This situation often occurs in the electronic industry. Generally, the vacuum degree of electronic products is not high, so it does not need to be pumped for too long. However, the principle of the internal vacuum pumping machine is to fill the air bag through the deflation after vacuum pumping to make it full, so as to press the heating belt for sealing. If the vacuum pumping time is too short, the air bag will not be saturated enough. Therefore, insufficient pressure will cause the phenomenon that it cannot be sealed
3. The three-dimensional bag packaging is heated on one side. The three-dimensional bag, also commonly known as the sandwich bag, refers to the sealing part of a bag. There are bags on both sides in the middle and four layers on both sides. This kind of bag is mostly used in the molding packaging of articles, and the packaging effect is relatively beautiful. However, great attention should be paid to the sealing. Generally, when using the three-dimensional bag, the vacuum packaging machine with double-sided heating should be selected. The temperature of the single-sided vacuum packaging machine can not fully heat the four layers of bag, so it will appear, The middle position has been sealed, but the two sides have not been sealed.

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 the bag of vacuum packaging machine cannot be sealed. There are possible reasons: 1. The beginning of heat sealing on the control panel of vacuum packaging machine is not selected, or the heating power supply is not turned on. 2. There is a problem with the control assembly and the heating time relay is damaged. 3. There is a problem with the panel setting, and the heating time is set to 0. 4. The heating element of the packaging machine is damaged, or the power connection of the heating element is disconnected

 the sealing lines of the second vacuum packaging machine bag are uneven, there are bubbles in the sealing line, and the sealing is not firm. Possible reasons: 1. The sealing strip of the vacuum chamber of the mobile vacuum packaging machine is not clean enough, and there are dirty things or other foreign matters. 2. The cooling time set for the control panel is not enough, resulting in shrinkage of the sealing line and bubbles. 3. The strength of the air bag of the vacuum packaging machine is not enough, resulting in the loose pressure of the sealing line. 4. The heating time or temperature set is too low to seal well


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