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What is the operation procedure of vacuum packaging machine?

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1. Turn on the power
2. Place the packaging bag in the vacuum chamber, and the bag mouth shall be placed on the heating plate flatly and pressed with a pressure strip
3. Adjust the heat sealing temperature and time. The selection of heat sealing temperature includes low, medium, high and no four grades. The thinner composite film should be low grade, and the saddle thick can be medium grade or high grade. Heat sealing time (0-5 seconds), to achieve sealing, no melting and no wrinkling. The amplitude modulation shall not be too large to prevent the temperature rise from being too high and burning polytetrafluoroethylene (high temperature lacquer cloth) and other parts
4. The vacuum pumping time should be based on the needs of packaging and the number shown on the vacuum gauge. For products with high packaging humidity or other special products, the time should be appropriately extended after reaching -0.1mpa, and the maximum time is 99 seconds, as appropriate
5. Press down the machine cover, the vacuum pump starts to work, the machine cover is sucked, and all procedures will be completed automatically according to the set requirements. After completing the heat sealing procedure, it is cooled by itself. The cooling time is fixed at 5 seconds. The function of cooling is to compress the packaging bag mouth with waste heat to prevent shrinkage caused by cooling, so as to keep the bag mouth flat
6. One side of the silicone rubber strip is a reticulated plane, and the other side can be loaded with printing particles to print labels
7. In case of emergency stop during operation, hold the emergency stop button until the cover opens automatically.

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