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What is the important information on the food packaging bag

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important information on food packaging bags shall include food name, ingredient list, net content and specification, name, address and contact information of producers and /or distributors, production date and shelf life, storage conditions, food production license number, product standard code and other contents that need to be marked

the food name shall be clearly marked on the eye-catching position of the food label with the special name reflecting the true attributes of the food. Various ingredients in the ingredient list shall be marked with specific names and names of food additives. The number of food production license shall indicate the standard code and sequence number of prepackaged food (excluding imported prepackaged food) produced and sold in China

extended data:

the information on food packaging bags shall comply with the general principles for the labeling of prepackaged food

when labeling corresponding label items, food producers shall be consistent with the basic meaning of the recommended form of the general principles for the labeling of prepackaged food, but the text expression The selection of punctuation marks is not limited to the form in the example. Food production and operation enterprises can choose one of them according to their needs, but it does not have to be exactly the same, or according to the characteristics of food or packaging

make appropriate modifications to the recommended form without changing the basic meaning. Allow and encourage food production and operation enterprises to implement this standard. In order to save resources and avoid waste, food production enterprises must implement this standard after the implementation date of this standard, but food with old labels before the implementation date can continue to be sold within the product warranty period

reference source: website of the Central People’s Government of the people’s Republic of China – Q & A of general principles for the labeling of prepackaged food (gb7718-2011)

reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia – General principles for the labeling of prepackaged food

the most important is the production date and shelf life. Before buying food, everyone should pay attention to whether the food is expired or not. Expired food is resolutely not eaten, which is harmful to the body. Shelf life refers to the period during which the prepackaged food maintains its quality under the storage conditions specified in the label. During this period, the products are fully suitable for sale and maintain the unique quality that does not need to be stated or has been stated in the label

the second is the nutrition label, which can intuitively understand the content of nutrients such as energy, carbohydrates, protein, fat and sodium in food, and choose suitable and delicious food according to their own physical conditions

again, the ingredient list, that is, any substance used in the manufacture or processing of food and existing in the product (including in the form of modification), including food additives. After knowing the ingredient list, know the ingredients and taste of the food and whether it is suitable for you

finally, there are precautions, usage methods, manufacturers and other information. The precautions will generally indicate the allergens contained in the food and the applicable population, as well as the precautions in the process of eating and storage. There is also the need to contact the manufacturer if there is any problem with the food. In fact, in the process of daily food purchase, brands and manufacturers are also very important. After all, the choice of imported food should be careful.

1. Production date
2. Trademark
3. Bar code
4. Production license
5. Food name
6. Product standard number
7. Shelf life
8. Storage method
9. Eating method
10. Ingredient list
11. Nutritional composition list
12. Net content
13. Manufacturer
14. Address
15. Tel
16 Fax
17, zip code
18, address

the production date, place name and effective date of production, food name, net content of ingredients, kg, etc. should be written.

design a packing bag by yourself and write down the information you think it should have?

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