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What is the calligraphy of Japanese Moxiang school?

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in the field of calligraphy, Japan’s avant-garde school is also called Moxiang school, which also has a great influence on the Chinese calligraphy world. The attack between the East and the West has aroused the thinking and exploration of Chinese art circles, calligraphy circles and their theoretical circles. Therefore, the voice of vigorously advocating creation is unprecedented. What’s more, it is often said that we should break the tradition and even get rid of the shackles of the structure of Chinese characters

it should be said that this is a great thing. Innovation and creation should keep pace with the times. This is the truth that the ancients have long recognized and put into practice, not to mention us

but what is innovation? How to innovate the art of calligraphy, how to reflect the spirit of the times and other issues really need to be calmly considered, seriously discussed and treated with caution

only from the large and small calligraphy exhibitions held all over the country in recent years and the works published in calligraphy journals, we can see that there are many really creative authors and works. However, the so-called “innovative” works of Lu Li, such as muddled smearing, ink splashing, non words and non paintings, no words and no ink, and no skills, are also common. There are other ingenious innovations, which are dazzling and ironic

although he is willing to use some brains to change the form of expression and try to use other tools and material properties, it should also be said that he has a creative side. The ancients also invented “tadpole text”, “bird and insect book”, “Zhengbai book” and so on

didn’t Zhang Xu, a great calligrapher in the Tang Dynasty, also write books after drinking to moisten ink? However, all these will be eliminated by the long river of history

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