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What is news packaging?

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Package the news content and form in order to improve the audience rating, listening rate and viewing rate, and correctly handle the relationship between news packaging and news authenticity.

news is a kind of valuable information that needs to be transmitted. However, the effects of the same news transmitted through different media are quite different. Of course, this is affected by the coverage of the media, such as the circulation of newspapers or the ratings of TV, but the media with roughly the same circulation or ratings will also have great differences in the effects of transmitting the same news. An important reason for this difference is that the media adopt different packaging for the news. For quite a long time, not to mention the news media, enterprises that need to face the market directly also lack the packaging awareness of their own products. The so-called “wine is not afraid of deep alleys” refers to this mentality. Today, almost no enterprise does not know the truth of “wine should be shouted frequently”. Therefore, modern society has entered a packaging era, which is by no means exaggerated, and the news media should also adapt to the packaging requirements of the packaging era and seriously package their main product – news
it is generally believed that packaging mainly pursues a kind of formal beauty, which is reasonable. People have an almost instinctive pursuit and preference for beauty, and an almost instinctive aversion to rough and ugly things, which is a kind of healthy psychology. To face the audience, news works should naturally convey a sense of beauty to the audience. Only in this way can other functions of news be better realized

the connection between news and beauty is the objective requirement of the continuous development of journalism itself. In the early stage of news, the lack of material conditions can not provide a material basis for the connection between news and beauty. Later, after the invention of transmitting news by telegraph, the communication interrupted from time to time forced journalists to finish the transmission of several elements of news at first. In modern society, abundant material conditions and developed and stable communication conditions have provided the basis for people to deliver exquisite news works. At the same time, using the form of beauty to reflect the content of news also meets the psychological needs of modern people who pursue a better life
News packaging should not only pay attention to the packaging of form, but also pay attention to the packaging of content. Only the form of packaging and lack of content packaging is not comprehensive packaging. Some people may say that packaging originally talks about the external form, but what is the content of packaging? In fact, in news packaging, the packaging of content is also very important. Why some news works written by news authors are popular and others are not well received by the audience is an important influencing factor for different packaging of content

the content packaging of news mainly discusses the different combination methods of news content. Whether the same news subject is reflected by news or communication has different effects. Through long-term hard study, someone has overcome a series of difficulties and made outstanding achievements in a certain field. Such news themes are obviously better reflected by communication than by news, which is more enlightening to the society. After determining the news genre of another news subject, how to combine the content, which point to write first and which point to narrate later, this is another way of combination. Therefore, the content packaging of news is very particular
News packaging is a scientific combination of beautifying the form and content of news works. Fundamentally speaking, packaging is an external thing, which must not be at the expense of the principle of authenticity of news works

in the aesthetic principle, the true beauty is a kind of high-level beauty, and this high-level beauty is the same as the principle of news authenticity. News works convey the relevant information of the facts that have happened, and the “what has happened” here makes it clear that the news is true and can not be fabricated and distorted. Authenticity is the life of news. The real information transmitted by news media can establish the authoritative image of news media and finally win more audiences, which is vital to the development of news industry under the condition of market economy. China’s journalists’ professional ethics requirements and the objective requirements of journalists’ news interview all take authenticity as a basic provision to require journalists. This emphasis on news authenticity reflects the requirements of the true beauty of news

contrary to the principle of authenticity of news, the proliferation of false news. False news has various forms in real life, such as making up, adding details, paid news and so on, which is very harmful to the news media and society. Some journalists or news media are interested and enthusiastic in news packaging, but they are quite indifferent to the authenticity of the news. They emphasize the “readability”, “interest” and “selling point” of news, while ignoring the principle of authenticity, which has come to the point of putting the cart before the horse with the original intention of news packaging, which needs to be vigilant.

News packaging is to use some low-value news with some means, such as changing the name, to make it more eye-catching, so as to improve the audience rating

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