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What interesting packaging designs have you seen in your life?

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If a package can arouse your strong interest and is not willing to throw it away, then the product will probably sell well. Today, miaomu will share with you some very creative and interesting products in packaging design. I believe it will give you some inspiration and surprises

naked: it will be shy

this is one of the pentaward gold award works. It is the packaging design of a Russian student designer for the makeup brand “naked”

the product packaging design has become a soft curve, which is similar to human naked body. Its color and gloss give people an illusion of skin and special sensory enjoyment. In terms of shape, it abandons the streamline used in bottle and can design, and the undulating and irregular bottle body looks full of personality

The reason why the paint will change from warm to red is that the paint will change from warm to warm. When you touch it, it will make you feel red. Through this interaction between people and products, designers skillfully suggest that the products are mild and non stimulating, and increase the interest of the products at the same time

packaging of crucian carp Sushi: it’s so fresh that even the scales are still there

the packaging design carried out by Japanese designer Nanzheng Hong for the traditional dim sum crucian carp sushi in Shiga county. The handle is treated like a fish tail, and the middle part is like both a fishing net and scales. When gently pulled up and down, the crucian carp sushi hidden in it is faint. The packaging design of this fish element is full of Zen, giving people a sense of quiet and simplicity, which is very consistent with the brand charm of a traditional dessert

Finca de la Rica wine bottle design: wine bottles can also play games

Spanish brand Finca de la Rica wine is printed with three small games: String words, wiring diagram and maze on ordinary wine bottles. Small changes make the waiting in the process of waiting for dishes no longer boring, adding great fun to the table

let’s look at other special packaging designs ~

chewing gum from good teeth:

beautiful products, more beautiful shirts in packaging:

fruit juice with deep meaning:

sometimes when we buy a commercial product, we are more likely to buy a service. With its unique structure, creative packaging gives users a unique feeling. After deepening the memory points, people will gradually form brand awareness and attract more consumers. Will these packaging designs arouse your desire to buy and make you shout to buy

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of course, it is the packaging design of the famous hairy crab. There is a beautiful box outside, and then there are many ropes on the hairy crab. I feel that this design is made for design.

I’ve seen a particularly interesting one. This stool is amazing. From the appearance, it’s a person’s shape. Although it’s a little abstract, it’s very creative. This stool seems that a person deliberately asks you to sit on his thigh, and just like real life, if there is only one stool and the other wants to sit, you can only sit on his thigh like this

I have seen a champagne, and its appearance design is particularly creative. Interestingly, the bottle cap is designed in the shape of human body. Its bottle cap can be designed with different designs. The biggest highlight of this champagne is its bottle cap, which gives people a visual impact. Its bottle cap design is very good.

the packaging of wangzi’s milk has a round big head. It feels so beautiful that I want to drink it every time I see it.

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