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What impact will the dwindling natural resources have on our lives

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white garbage can’t be understood only from the literal meaning, that is to say, literally. It refers to all kinds of plastic waste produced in daily life. Have you ever used these plastic products, which means you will inevitably pollute the environment. With the development of modern economy, pollution is inevitable. As we inevitably have to use plastic bags and so on. We can only minimize the items that will pollute the environment

a large number of waste agricultural films, plastic films for packaging, plastic bags and disposable foamed plastic tableware are discarded in the environment after use, causing great damage to the urban environment. Because most of the waste plastic packaging materials are white, people habitually call them “white garbage”, so the environmental pollution caused by them is called “white pollution”

it is understood that white pollution is a unique environmental pollution in China’s cities. A large number of discarded plastic products can be seen in public places in some cities. After these “white garbage” are made by human beings, it is difficult to be absorbed by nature in the end, which has greatly affected the ecological environment. In this regard, the British call “white garbage” the worst invention of mankind
What are the hazards of “white garbage”? Experts believe that, first of all, it will cause visual pollution. “White garbage” destroys the beautiful scenery of cities, rural areas and scenic spots, causes visual dirt, chaos and poor, and even affects people’s work and life mood

secondly, it causes damage to the ecological environment. Disposable plastic products have strong stability because of their raw material – polymer resin. They are difficult to degrade in the natural environment and can survive for hundreds or even thousands of years. These “white wastes” accumulate over time, which not only affect the growth of crops, but also pose certain hidden dangers to the survival of livestock, poultry and wild animals. According to reports, in 2003, farmers in Mozhugongka County, Lhasa city found that their yaks died suddenly. After autopsy of these yaks, the health department found that the culprit of yak death was plastic bags

in addition, it affects human health. In recent years, scientists have found that styrene monomer remains in some disposable plastic lunch boxes, which does some harm to people’s physical and mental health. General domestic waste can be divided into five categories: waste paper, plastic, glass, metal and biological waste. The main hazards of garbage to human life and the environment are:

first, excessive land occupation. Garbage piled on the outskirts of the city encroached on a large number of farmland. Garbage also stays in nature for a long time: cigarette butts and wool fabrics for 1-5 years; Orange peel for 2 years; Pop can 80-100 years; Plastic 100-200 years; Glass 1000 years

Second, pollute the air. Garbage is a mixture of complex components. In the process of transportation and outdoor stacking, organic matter decomposes to produce odor and releases a large amount of harmful gases to the atmosphere.

we humans will gradually die. We must save energy

cause energy depletion for our future generations

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