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What exhibitions are there in Hangzhou recently

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I’ll give you a 2016 exhibition schedule
2016-03-30 [security protection] 2016 China (Hangzhou) International Public Security Products Expo and smart security technology summit
2016-04-22 [sports and leisure] 2016 10th spring (Qilong) Hangzhou fishing gear exhibition
2016-04-06 [beauty Salon] 2016 30th Hangzhou beauty salon, body and cosmetic products exhibition
2016-05-20 [culture and education] 2016 7th China (Hangzhou) International Buddhist cultural goods Expo
2016-03-25 [machinery industry] 2016 15th Zhejiang (Hangzhou) Equipment Manufacturing Expo
2016-03-31 [advertising industry] 2016 Xinhua 23rd Zhejiang Hangzhou advertising technology equipment and led · logo (spring) exhibition
2016-03-21 [real estate and home] 2016 9th China (Hangzhou) International Garden Outdoor furniture and leisure products exhibition
2016-04-30 [green environmental protection] 2016 China (Zhejiang) environmental protection home decoration Expo
2016-06-15 [textile machinery] 2016 17th China (Hangzhou) international textile fabrics Accessories Expo
September 23, 2016 [means of transportation] the 6th China (Hangzhou) international new energy automobile industry exhibition
June 15, 2016 [clothing accessories] the 5th Hangzhou International Clothing OEM Expo
June 15, 2016 [clothing accessories] the 16th China (Hangzhou) International Clothing Expo
April 22, 2016 [luxury] 2016 15th Hangzhou International Jewelry Exhibition
2016-03-16 [security protection] 2016 16th Zhejiang International Intelligent Building Technology and security products exhibition
2016-03-16 [security protection] 2016 Zhejiang smart city and intelligent building products Expo
2016-03-25 [information communication] 2016 China (Hangzhou) International Robot and intelligent factory exhibition
2016-03-25 [machinery industry] 2016 15th China (Hangzhou) machine tool mould and metal processing exhibition
March 25, 2016 [office supplies] the third China (Hangzhou) International 3D printing technology and rapid prototyping exhibition 2016

Hello! Quite a lot! For example, the most recent is the 2014 Third China (Hangzhou) International wine and spirits Expo
time: August 14, 2014 to August 17, 2014

exhibition hall: Hangzhou Heping International Convention and Exhibition Center, bus route 158, Shaoxing Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

industry: Food and beverage

Exhibition City: Hangzhou, Zhejiang

organizer: Hangzhou alcohol circulation industry association, Hangzhou branch of China Council for the promotion of international trade, Wenzhou alcohol industry association

supporting media Body: e exhibition network ()

exhibition area: 18309 square meters

exhibition halls used: Hall A (second floor), hall a (first floor), Hall B (second floor), Hall B (first floor), floor C (second floor), floor C (first floor), hall D (second floor), hall D (first floor)

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