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What does the product plan include?

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Product strategic planning is not only an important part of enterprise strategy, but also the strategy most closely related to each enterprise strategy. The above article provides you with a lot of knowledge of enterprise strategy and product strategy, which is to lay the foundation for product strategic planning, do a good job of product strategic planning relying on professional ideas, ideas and methods, and provide strategic guidance for product management and enterprise operation. Between the formulation of company level product planning, product portfolio planning, product line planning, product planning and new product planning, there is a high degree of similarity in the method path, but the scope is different. I provide you with a unified reference framework, as shown in Figure 2-22

figure 2-22 content of product strategic planning framework

Product strategic planning should begin with understanding the policy, industry and market environment to provide macro conditions for product planning, understand the enterprise strategy and provide product strategic objectives and product strategic support for product strategic planning. On this basis, product leaders at different levels of the company can lead cross functional teams to formulate company level product planning, product portfolio planning, product line planning, product planning and new product planning

Product strategic planning is an overall plan for enterprises to obtain product market competitiveness. Therefore, any product planning starts from paying attention to the target market. By understanding the target market, segmenting and analyzing the market, analyzing the market attraction and competitive objects of their own products, and comprehensively evaluating the market competitive environment and competitive opportunities of products, we can formulate the product competitive market strategy and competitive product strategy. Under the dual guidance of product strategic objectives and product competition strategy, analyze and optimize the product structure, formulate the new product development plan according to the development needs, and make corresponding strategic adjustments in combination with the product life cycle, so as to ensure the overall structure balance, healthy and stable development of the enterprise’s product planning. In addition, we should also make product sales forecast and investment budget according to corresponding product planning, including risk assessment and plan, so as to provide senior management with product strategic decision analysis and basis. Finally, formulate an action plan according to the product plan, including specific tasks, responsible persons, required resources and time nodes, so as to ensure that the whole product strategic plan can be implemented

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