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What does a complete package design include

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 packaging design is generally divided into two aspects: one is the picture and the other is the packaging form. In the design process, designers need to organically combine these two aspects, which are interdependent and matched with each other, so as to achieve a perfect state

 I. three aspects of creative design 


 1) picture: it can be simple, fashionable, generous and decent, relaxed and pleasant, simple hand painting, realism, or no picture, highlighting commodity information. This should be seen according to the character attributes of commodities

 2) color: scientific and reasonable matching method of main color and auxiliary color, and scientific and reasonable use of color area matching method

 3) typesetting: simple and highlight the theme, not too messy. If it is in the supermarket, consumers can know whether they want the goods at a glance, or pay attention to the classification of important information, so that consumers can quickly grasp what the goods do

 2) the main form of packaging is special-shaped. Whether it can be produced and whether the product cost is too high should be fully considered. Generally, goods with high price will be considered, and fast-selling products will not be made. To sum up, packaging is like people's clothing matching. Some people are not beautiful, but the overall feeling is very comfortable. This is the charm of packaging, so good packaging cannot have standards

 have a look [awsl] 


 I know the above. I'm talking about the packaging I want to make 


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