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What color management software does the digital proofing machine use?

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let me briefly introduce several common color management software

) is a professional digital proofing system produced by German CGS company. This complete proofing system combines the three advantages of color management and high-precision output. It includes setting direction guidance, braking, color matching and automatic printer calibration. All of them run in a network-based environment


good print digital proofing solution. EFI

XF digital proofing system supported by best
technology integrates the latest version of EFI best color technology and the existing hardware of industrial standard, which has the advantages of powerful function, high flexibility, scalability and high cost performance
Xiamen haoyin digital technology fully recommends that star
professionally handle 1-bit
files after rip. It realizes the function of multiple output after one rip
. It is widely used by printing plants and output centers
used for true dot printing system
uses the real dots in the 1-bit
file to make the printed products retain the original dots, screen and dot expansion. Star
plate is a set of environmental protection solutions, which is suitable for the output of more than three color inkjet films below 120 lines!

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