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What color is the printing font color of composite cement packaging bag

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look at the cement packaging mark. Cement is a product subject to license management
Products, GB175-2007 requires that the manufacturer must be on the packaging bag
Clearly indicate the executive standard, cement variety and code, strength, etc
Grade, producer name, production license mark (QS) and compilation
Number, factory number, packaging date, net content, etc. consumers can
Check online according to the production license number on the packaging bag. Be careful
Use fake or unlicensed cement.
2. Look at the font color on both sides of the packaging bag. Both sides of the packing bag specified in the national standard
The name of cement shall be printed in different colors according to the type of cement
And strength grade, Portland cement and ordinary portland cement
Red, slag Portland cement adopts green, and the other three varieties
Cement shall be black or blue.
3. Check whether the cement has hard lumps. Cement is a kind of powder material, which is affected by
It is easy to agglomerate and harden after moisture or water, which makes the cement strength urgent
Therefore, consumers must pay attention when choosing cement
Whether the cement is affected with moisture and caking shall be selected and stored as soon as possible
Intact cement products.
4. Before use, the product shall be inspected by the professional cement inspection organization,
The principle of “inspection before use” should be adhered to. Quality of cement
It can not be judged by the naked eye. Some consumers judge the weight of cement color
It is unscientific to judge its quality. The color of cement is different from that of cooked cement
Materials, mixture varieties and other factors, which can not be identified only by color
The quality of cement is good or bad. In order to be able to use safely, consumers should follow
The machine extracts about 6kg of this batch of cement and sends it to the professional cement quality inspection machine
The inspection shall be conducted by the organization, and the inspection items shall at least include the above key indicators
If conditions permit, the whole item inspection required by the standard shall be carried out to confirm
Ensure safe and reliable use of cement.

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