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What are the top ten hot pot stores in Chongqing?

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the top ten of Chongqing hot pot are: Liu Yishou hot pot, Yu Weinan old hot pot, Liu Jiajia wharf old hot pot, Chongqing Dezhuang hot pot, Chongqing Little Swan hot pot, Chongqing white Lotte hot pot, Chongqing qinma hot pot, Qiaotou hot pot, loquat garden hot pot and Yuzhong memory old hot pot

Chongqing qinma hot pot, one of the old batch of hot pot brands in Chongqing, is a well-known hot pot brand in Chongqing. The decoration of the hot pot shop is mainly traditional Chinese style, which is deeply loved by diners

Yuzhong remembers the old hot pot. Netizens commented: the service is quite good. Its service is a good one among many hot pot stores in Chongqing. They have issued the “three diligence” policy: turn off the fire frequently, stir the pot frequently and add water frequently to make consumers feel at home

loquat garden hotpot, comments from netizens: it’s suitable for eating at night. You can enjoy the night scenery. When you see it at first sight, you will automatically “Wow!”

Qiaotou hot pot, founded in 1909, has adhered to unique traditional technology and formula for a hundred years, and has a good reputation of “hot pot comes to the end, not to Qiaotou”

liujiajia wharf old hot pot, liujiajia wharf old hot pot is really making hot pot with heart. Their market positioning is to do only one thing in 100 years, that is, hot pot. Since its establishment, they have always pursued the business concept of “choosing good materials with ingenuity and restoring the old taste”. Netizen comments: every time I pass by, I can see the steaming scene in the store. I feel it’s good. I went to eat it once. The taste is really good. The soup color at the bottom of the pot has remained unchanged after cooking for a long time, and it’s not salty for a long time. It’s commendable

Chongqing white Lotte hot pot, in terms of taste and taste, well caters to the needs of outsiders. The taste is not spicy and dry. It is definitely not a heavy taste, but also in line with the small and fresh taste

yuweinan old hot pot, commented by netizens: it’s very popular. My first impression is that it’s very neat and the service is in place. High quality special dishes (now cut three fresh meat, spicy beef, 8-second potato chips, etc.) are matched with classic butter red soup pot, which is called a Bashi! On the whole, it’s only 55 yuan per capita, which is very cost-effective

Liu Yishou hot pot is an authentic Chongqing hot pot shop. In terms of taste, Liu Yishou has a wide range of spicy and delicious dishes, which is deeply welcomed by public diners and has a high popularity. Netizen comments: it’s a very good dining environment. The hall can accommodate very much. The sanitary conditions are OK. Sometimes when there are many people, you need to wait. The taste is OK, but the service attitude is average

Chongqing hot pot ranks among the top ten. There are affectionate manshancheng old hot pot, Yuwei Xiaoyu hot pot, Dezhuang hot pot, Liu Yishou hot pot, Qin Ma hot pot, Little Swan hot pot, Qiaotou hot pot, Ba general hot pot, mine hot pot and Kong Liang hot pot

qingmanshancheng old hot pot: Chongqing’s well-known old hot pot brand was founded in 1982, formerly known as Shancheng old hot pot, and later renamed Chongqing qingmanshancheng old hot pot in 2013. It mainly operates traditional old hot pot and belongs to Chongqing Banghui catering group. It has operated hot pot stores for more than 30 years. The authentic flavor and advanced development concept of Chongqing old hot pot have been highly praised by consumers and investors. At present, there are more than 400 chain stores in China

Since the establishment of Chongqing hotpot, we have been working hard to develop the hotpot. We believe that Chongqing hotpot will be one of the best hotpot in the past 95 years. We will make unremitting efforts to develop and develop the hotpot in Chongqing. Finally, Xiaoyu hot pot stood at the forefront of Chongqing hot pot

Dezhuang hot pot is famous all over the country for its big pot. Chongqing Dezhuang Industrial Co., Ltd. inherits the century old accumulation of Chongqing hot pot, adheres to business and innovative development with morality, and adheres to the brand core strategy of “I only choose good materials”. In more than ten years, it has developed from a small hot pot store into a group company integrating catering industry development, food industry development and catering culture research

Liu Yishou hot pot, Chongqing Xinpai hot pot, has appeared in the market for a long time and attracted many consumers. It has strong competitiveness in the market! It is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in hot pot franchise chain and catering management, and ranks among the top 10 among the top 100 catering enterprises in China

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 Chongqing hot pot ranks among the top ten: 1. Dezhuang Hot Pot & nbsp; 2. Yuwei Nan old hot pot & nbsp; 3. Qin Ma Hot Pot & nbsp; 4. Kong Liang Hot Pot & nbsp; 5. Sister Su Hot Pot & nbsp; 6. Township water source hot pot & nbsp; 7. Zhensanguan Hot Pot & nbsp; 8. Qiaotou Hot Pot & nbsp; 9. Yuzong Laodu Hot Pot & nbsp; 10. Sweet potato hot pot

Chongqing hot pot ranks among the top ten: 1. Dezhuang Hot Pot & nbsp; 2. Yuwei Nan old hot pot & nbsp; 3. Qin Ma Hot Pot & nbsp; 4. Kong Liang Hot Pot & nbsp; 5. Sister Su Hot Pot & nbsp; 6. Township water source hot pot & nbsp; 7. Zhensanguan Hot Pot & nbsp; 8. Qiaotou Hot Pot & nbsp; 9. Yuzong Laodu Hot Pot & nbsp; 10. Sweet potato hot pot

1. Dezhuang hot pot: Dezhuang hot pot is well-known and has become the image symbol of Chongqing hot pot. It is a large catering chain enterprise integrating tourism industry development, food industry development, hot pot raw material distribution and hot pot industry development. Main features: it is famous for “hemp, spicy, fresh and fragrant”. The type of pot bottom soup: spicy “fun”, spicy and fragrant “old hot pot”, mellow and sweet “litchi flavor”, and “Dezhuang soup” with beautiful mushroom flavor

2. Yuweinan old hotpot: yuweinan old hotpot headquarters is a comprehensive catering enterprise integrating characteristic catering chain operation, catering technology training, regional franchise authorization, talent training, hotpot culture research and dissemination, authentic Chongqing hotpot R & D and operation, and hotpot bottom material processing and production. Founded in 1985, the brand always adheres to the values of “integrity, respect, service and feedback” and the joining concept of “joining one, popular one and best friend one”, and pursues the business concept of “choosing good materials with ingenuity and restoring the old taste”

3. Qinma hot pot: with its unique business style and distinctive innovative concept, qinma hot pot created a series of flavor soup ingredients of qinma, which soon won the favor of customers, and the economic benefits of the hot pot store increased rapidly. It promotes the traditional production mode of hot pot bottom material to a new industrial mode of industrialization, standardization, scale and modernization, and forms a complete hot pot industrial chain from land to factory and then to dining table

Chongqing hotpot ranks among the top ten, including captain hotpot, Qin Ma hotpot, yangyangyu hotpot, Ba Jiangjun hotpot, Wang Wu hotpot, slag hotpot, Dongzi old hotpot, memory old stove hotpot, pigsty hotpot and grandma bridge hotpot. People who like nostalgia can go to the Wal Mart building on Nanping West Road, Nan’an District, Chongqing to taste the captain’s hot pot. The fragrant hot pot can definitely remind you of your past memories. Qin Ma is an old brand in hot pot. It is well known that the aroma is very moving. The famous Qin Ma hot pot in Chongqing is located at Ocean Star, No. 120, taping, Jiangbei District

Chongqing bazhun hot pot
Research Institute has been constantly pushing new and inclusive, widely soliciting and absorbing the advantages of other hot pots. While adhering to the main melody of “spicy hot”, it also breaks the traditional mode of spicy taste, and combines the strengths of others and China and foreign countries to form a set of bazhun flavor series “applicable to all four seas”. Due to different local customs and tastes, consumers in some areas have admired Chongqing hot pot for a long time, but their fear of “pepper and pepper” has forced them to turn pale and stay away from it. Ba general hot pot is characterized by its natural red and bright color, mellow and delicious, and originates from its natural color

when it comes to Dongzi old hot pot, I have to mention Jiugongge and butter soup. It’s really spicy and hot. It tastes good. It’s delicious and spicy. It’s fun for thieves. There are a lot of people coming to eat. If you don’t book a seat, you often can’t find a place. Sesame oil as dipping material is very fragrant. Mixed with salt, monosodium glutamate, vinegar, chopped green onion and garlic, it tastes much better than the packaged hot pot seasoning. And if you don’t dip it, you can’t stand it. The hotpot gets hotter and hotter, and your eyes will be congested after eating it. Address: No. 5 attached to building a, No. 200, Nancheng Avenue, Nan’an District (next to Wanshou intersection)

Chongqing memory catering culture Co., Ltd. is a chain catering enterprise with catering as the leader and integrating hot pot technology research and development, hot pot raw material distribution and hot pot professional training. Since its establishment in 2008, the company has adhered to taking characteristics as the basis and service as the soul. Relying on the long-standing historical memory of Chongqing hotpot and the prosperous hotpot culture, we will strive to build the brand culture construction of remembering the old stove. The efficient and professional cooperation team, the original nostalgic decoration positioning, the humanized friendly service, the safe and green dish production quality and the scientific secret special hot pot seasoning fully show the brand advantages and strength of the company

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