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What are the tasks and requirements of logistics packaging cost management?

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logistics packaging cost management is a series of above-mentioned management activities for the expenses and packaging costs incurred in the process of logistics packaging. It is gradually realized in the whole packaging process
main tasks of logistics packaging cost management:
logistics packaging cost management is the whole process management from packaging product design, trial production, production to sales. Its main tasks include:
1. Accurate cost prediction
logistics packaging cost prediction is one of the main contents of business decision-making. When making business decision, enterprises must consider the ratio of input to output. Therefore, The cost of various logistics packaging schemes should be accurately predicted, the cost level of each scheme should be compared, and the best scheme should be determined. Logistics packaging cost prediction is essentially one of the methods of scientific decision-making
2. Correct cost plan
logistics packaging cost plan is the prior control of cost management, provides the basis for cost analysis and assessment, reflects and supervises the consumption in business activities, and is the criterion for cost management
3. Reduce logistics packaging costs
reduce logistics packaging costs and improve economic benefits, which is the central task of logistics packaging cost management. Because it is the ultimate and main purpose of a series of work such as cost prediction, planning, control, accounting, analysis and assessment. Reducing costs means increasing profits and reducing the amount of funds under other conditions, which can reduce the price of goods and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness
basic requirements of logistics packaging cost management:
1. Strictly implement the standard of logistics packaging cost payment range
draw a clear line between cost and investment expenditure; Draw a clear line between cost and income distribution; Draw a clear line between costs and debt repayment. Expenses other than costs shall not be included in costs, and expenses within costs shall not be included in other expenses. It is not allowed to arbitrarily raise the cost standard and expand the expenditure
2. Correct accounting of logistics packaging costs
cost accounting is the basic link of cost management. Whether the cost accounting is accurate or not directly affects the economic benefits of enterprises. Therefore, in the accounting, it is necessary to distinguish the cost of the current period from the limit of the cost of the next period; Distinguish the cost expenditure boundaries of internal departments; Distinguish the cost limit of various products
3. Implement comprehensive logistics packaging cost management
all relevant departments, processes and links should pursue economic benefits, strive to achieve high quality, high yield and low consumption, and run the cost management through the whole process of the product life cycle. Logistics packaging cost management should be managed from the whole process of packaging design, trial production, raw material supply, production, sales, use, recycling and reuse, and carry out all staff cost management. Both managers, technicians and ordinary staff should recognize the importance of cost management, start from themselves, try to reduce costs and eliminate waste.

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