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What are the specialties of Qingdao?

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Qingdao’s Specialty:


seafood is Qingdao’s traditional local specialty: sea cucumber, sea rice, shredded squid, fish fillet, roasted shrimp, etc

tourists have a long way to go and it is inconvenient to take fresh ones away. They can go to the dry seafood market or large supermarket to buy processed dry seafood and take them away. Live seafood: shrimp, fish and other seafood must be transported with seawater, which can be put into special plastic bags and filled with oxygen, and can survive for about a day; The crabs should tie their legs and put them in foam boxes, and cover them with crushed ice for 1-2 days. Clams and other shellfish can survive in the foam box for more than 3 days if they are covered with ice. p>

2. Laoshan stone:

also known as submarine jade, is produced in Yangkou Bay in the east of Laoshan. The color is dark green, emerald green and grey green, and emerald green is the top grade. Through carving, the luster is transparent. Laoshan Lushi can be used as bonsai and decorations. Because it has been deposited on the sea floor for many years and used on the case, it shows the characteristics of dew in rainy days, which is not seen in other art products. The natural texture and spots of Laoshan Lushi are like waterfalls, flowing clouds, peaks and so on. Now, Laoshan Lushi Museum has been built, and its products are exported to Southeast Asian countries

3. Tsingtao Beer:

Tsingtao beer is a famous brand product in China and the first well-known trademark of Chinese beer. Tsingtao Brewery is made from high quality raw materials, unique strains, classic brewing technology and unique after ripening technology. It is famous for its fine white foam, clear and clear wine, soft wine, soft and refreshing wine and long lasting cups. It has won 7 gold medal and won 3 Championships in the international wine appraisal Conference. Tsingtao beer has sold well in more than 40 countries and regions since it was exported in 1954. You must try it when you travel to Qingdao in Taiyuan

4. Qingdao shell carving:

Qingdao shell carving takes rare shells as raw materials, skillfully uses the natural color and texture shape of shells, integrates the process characteristics of jade, wood carving and mother of pearl inlay, and carefully carves them into flat, floating and three-dimensional hanging paintings, jewelry and tourist souvenirs. It is famous at home and abroad for its novel composition, exquisite workmanship, gorgeous colors and profound meaning, and is deeply loved by guests. It is also a good gift for relatives and friends, celebrations, recognition and commemoration

5. Jimo old wine:

produced in Jimo County, Shandong Province, it was called “mash wine” in ancient times. Its main raw materials are millet, wheat koji and water. In terms of brewing, it inherited and carried forward the “six ancient methods”, that is, “millet must be neat, curved tillers must be in time, water springs must be fragrant, pottery must be good, blazing must be clean, and fire agent must be obtained”. Its unique flavor, slightly bitter and burnt, warm and mellow, with a deep aftertaste. Regular drinking in appropriate amount can enhance the physique and accelerate the metabolism of the human body. It is known as “good wine for nourishing and fitness”, and has been selected as “medicinal wine” by traditional Chinese medicine

6. Laoshan Yunfeng tea:

Laoshan, known as “the first famous mountain on the sea”, “fairy house cave” and “the second jungle in the world of Taoism”, is a famous Taoist and tourist resort in China. Laoshan tea has a long history, unique geographical environment, fertile land and high-quality water source. Laoshan tea is famous at home and abroad for its good color, aroma, taste and shape

reference: People’s Daily – Qingdao specialty

1. Tsingtao Beer

Tsingtao beer is produced by Tsingtao Beer Co., Ltd. the predecessor of the company is the state-owned Tsingtao Brewery. It was jointly established by British and German businessmen in 1903. It is one of the earliest beer production enterprises. The official sponsor of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games ranked among the world’s top 500 brands

Tsingtao beer is brewed from high-quality barley, rice, superior hops and Laoshan mineral water with moderate hardness, cleanness and sweetness. The original wort concentration is 12 degrees and the alcohol content is 3.5-4%. The liquor is clear, transparent, yellowish, clear, and durable. p>

2. Langyatai liquor

Langyatai is located on the Bank of the Yellow River and in Qingdao. Langyatai was built by Qin Shihuang. Surrounded by the sea on three sides and beautiful scenery, it is known as the “fairyland on earth” because it is said that a mirage can be seen on the stage. There is a spring under Langyatai, which can be used to make wine. It belonged to the state of Qi in ancient times. After Qin Shihuang unified China, Langya county was set here

“Langyatai” brand liquor adopts the traditional “old five steamers” process, using the back tank multi round fermentation technology and string steaming technology, so that “Langyatai” brand liquor has the characteristics of Luzhou flavor liquor such as “strong pit flavor, soft sweet and sweet, clear mouth and long aftertaste”

3. Red island clam

Red Island clam is produced in Shandong Qingdao Red Island Economic Zone. The red island beach covers an area of 70000 mu, of which 40000 Mu is used for clam breeding. Jiaozhou Bay, where red island is located, is an excellent Bay. The water quality, water flow, water volume and organic substances contained in the beach are suitable for clam breeding and growth. Therefore, red island clams have delicious characteristics

4. Dazeshan grape

Dazeshan grape is a specialty of Dazeshan Town, Pingdu City, Shandong Province, and a national geographic indication product of China

Dazeshan grape is produced in Dazeshan Town, Pingdu City, Shandong Province. It is one of the famous specialties in Shandong Province and has a cultivation history of more than 100 years. Dazeshan grape has unique flavor, good quality, large ears, full grains, bright color, thin skin, tender meat and pleasant taste. There are more than ten varieties widely cultivated, and rose is the most cultivated. In 2008, AQSIQ approved the implementation of geographical indication product protection for Dazeshan grapes

5. Haiqing tea

Haiqing tea () belongs to Jiangbei green tea. Compared with other green tea, it is characterized by thick leaves, thick juice, brewing resistance, yellow and bright color, mellow taste, sweet aftertaste, Pea fragrance and fragrance. It is the best of tea

Haiqing tea was originally named because it was produced in Haiqing Town, Qingdao‘ “Haiqing tea” can also be called “Haiqing tea”. This name has the characteristics of Qingdao – the mind of embracing all rivers, and has the true meaning of deep love. It is a rare tea name and has become synonymous with high-grade gift tea. Haiqing town is the national “10000 mu tea garden base in the north”, known as “the hometown of Qingdao tea”, planting Haiqing tea, Frying Haiqing tea has become a well-off road for tens of thousands of Jiaonan farmers

extended data:

Qingdao, a prefecture level city in Shandong Province, referred to as “Qing”, a city specifically designated in the national plan, a megacity, a sub provincial city, the economic center of Shandong Province, an important national coastal central city, a coastal resort and tourism city, an international port city, an important national leading area for the development of modern marine industry, an international shipping hub in Northeast Asia, and a maritime sports base, “One belt, one road”, the main node of the New Asia Europe continental bridge economic corridor and city and the strategic ful
crum of maritime cooperation. p>

Qingdao is located in the southeast coast of Shandong Peninsula, the east of Jiaodong Peninsula and the frontier of China Japan ROK free trade zone; It is close to the Yellow Sea, facing the Korean Peninsula across the sea, adjacent to Yantai in the northeast, Weifang in the West and Rizhao in the southwest; With a total area of 11282 square kilometers, it governs 7 districts and manages 3 county-level cities. In 2017, the total resident population was 9.2905 million and the regional GDP was 1103.728 billion yuan

reference: Baidu Encyclopedia – Qingdao

1. Tsingtao beer is produced by Tsingtao Beer Co., Ltd. the predecessor of the company is the state-owned Tsingtao Brewery. It was jointly established by British and German businessmen in 1903. It is one of the earliest beer production enterprises. The official sponsor of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games ranked among the world’s top 500 brands

2. Jimo old wine, a kind of yellow rice wine produced in Jimo, is a pearl in the food industry. It is loved and praised by people for its long history, unique brewing technology and typical local flavor. Jimo old wine has clear and transparent liquor, dark brownish red, strong aroma, mellow taste, slight bitterness and lingering fragrance

3. Beer pastry is a pastry with Tsingtao beer. It is a product of the special era of Qingdao. Before liberation, the people lived in poverty and often lacked food. In the Tsingtao Brewery at that time, a worker surnamed Zhou was afraid that his family would be hungry, so he took the waste distiller’s grains home and mixed them with flour to make a very crisp crisp crisp cake with a slight smell of beer to satisfy his hunger

4. Sorghum malt, collectively referred to as malt sugar, is a specialty of Shandong and a traditional famous brand soft candy. It has always been famous for its combination of “elasticity, toughness and softness”. It tastes sticky, sweet and refreshing. It is made of high-quality white granulated sugar, starch, maltose syrup, water and sorghum powder by traditional technology, equipment and steady fire fine work; With the characteristics of delicate organization, toughness, slightly sweet and delicious, it has become a famous product in Shandong specialty

5. Delis, namely Shandong delis Food Co., Ltd., is a large-scale food franchise enterprise focusing on pig slaughtering, chilled meat, low-temperature meat products and prepared food processing. Founded in 1986

characteristic street
Qingdao has unconsciously formed some characteristic streets in its economic development. To sum up, this is: commercial and food streets
♀ Zhongshan Road Commercial Street ♀ Jiashike Shopping Center (72 Hong Kong Middle Road)
♀ First Parkson Co., Ltd. (No. 44-60 Zhongshan Road)
♀ Underground commercial street of Zhongshan mall; ♀ Carrefour Qingdao Mingda store (21 Hong Kong Middle Road) ♀ Taidong commercial street; Liqun Co., Ltd. (No. 77, Taidong Third Road)
♀ Hisense Plaza (No. 9, Shandong Road)
♀ Zhongyuan food street, Yunxiao Road ♀ Qingdao National Products Co., Ltd. (No. 149 Zhongshan Road) ♀ Yanerdao Road Bar Street ♀ Dongfang trade building (No. 140 Jiaozhou Road) is the main street in Shibei District this year: ♀ Wedding dress Street
Yan’an 2nd Road
307 road
205 street lamp ♀ Electronic street
Shenyang Road
(Weihai Road) 206 road
♀ Culture Street
Lijin road
♀ Qingdao’s No.2 famous brand of “China’s Golden Spring” liquor (Tianshui) brand, the famous brand of Qingdao’s famous brand of “Golden Spring” brand, and Qingdao’s famous brand of “China’s top ten” brand, famous brand of “Tianshui” brand, famous brand of “Laoshui” brand, famous brand of “Tianshui” brand, famous brand of “China’s top ten” brand, famous brand of “Tianshui” brand, famous brand of “China’s famous brand, famous brand of” Jingshui “brand, famous brand of” brand, famous brand of “brand, famous brand of” brand Hongchao brand vacuum packaging variegated clam Swan brand machine embroidered lace products Dacheng brand real silk transfer color painting products Laochi brand Laoshan Yunfeng tea Meihe brand famous and high-quality seafood products: Haier household appliances (Chinese well-known commodities), Hisense TV (Chinese well-known commodities) Aucma TV freezer (Chinese well-known commodities) East China wine, Langya white Baijiu, Laoshan Taiwan brand liquor, hade door brand cigarette Laoshan stone (precious stone collection and appreciation value), shell carving (unique handicraft produced by Qingdao) Qingdao big bag (Qingdao famous snacks), small red house beef soup dumplings (Shandong name small food) Yingzhou mackerel snack (traditional snacks of Qingdao Hotel) Yingzhou clam set meal (seafood brand of Qingdao hotel) steamed red island oyster (characteristic brand of Qingdao xiaohonglou) guxiangcun prawn noodles (exclusive brand of guxiangcun noodle restaurant) meidal grilled squid (exclusive brand of meidal barbecue shop) Baodao seafood emerald noodles (unique brand of Baodao restaurant)
Chengyang daxiantao (special fruit of Qingdao) Cold dew peach (famous and high-quality product of the Ministry of Agriculture) “Xishi tongue” Seashell (Qingdao specialty) Jiaozhou Bay variegated clam (famous and high-quality product of Qingdao)
Laoshan fist vegetable fairy embryo fish
pine mushroom Beizhai big cherry
Dazeshan grape

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