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What are the specialties of Qingdao Huangdao?

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I’m an outsider. I went to college here in Huangdao. I want to bring some local specialties home after the national day. Please tell me where to buy it by the way! Thank you

1. Xishi tongue

Xishi tongue belongs to the phylum Mollusca. It is said that the tongue of beauty Xi Shi in the state of Yue changed into a tongue, so it was named “Xi Shi tongue”. Xishi tongue is mainly grown in the shallow beach in the bay of Boli Town, Huangdao District. It contains high protein and tastes delicious

2. Blueberry

blueberry has high vitamin content. It is a nutritional and health fruit with high amino acid, zinc, calcium, iron, copper and vitamins. Jiawo blueberry garden in zhangjialou, Huangdao District, lanbaoshi blueberry ecological garden in Baoshan, Houren blueberry garden, Huihai blueberry garden in liwuguan and other parks are planted

3. Wheat straw painting

takes wheat straw as modeling raw material, uses soldering iron as brush coloring, integrates various artistic expression techniques such as traditional Chinese painting, oil painting, printmaking, pyrography, paper cutting and calligraphy, and is made by hand through more than 20 processes such as fumigation, painting, engraving, ironing and pasting. The picture has a strong sense of hierarchy and three-dimensional, antique and is known as “a unique feature of China”

4. Jimo old wine

Jimo old wine is brewed from Dahuang rice, Chenfu wheat koji and Laoshan mineral water according to the six ancient wine making methods of “millet must be Qi, Qu tiller must be Shi, water spring must be Xiu, pottery must be good and fire agent must be obtained”. It is made from the original juice obtained after natural fermentation

5. Langya kiln hand-painted porcelain

Langya kiln uses Jingdezhen top-grade raw materials, employs well-known painters to draw by hand, and Jingdezhen professional kilns burn by hand to draw the natural scenery of Huangdao on porcelain

1. Langyatai liquor

Langyatai liquor is known as “Qingdao xiaomaotai” and has been rated as one of the top ten tourist souvenirs in Qingdao for many times. Among the many Langya Tai liquor, 30 degrees longevity, 29 degree red plum and other super low alcohol Baijiu and 70 degrees original wine, 71 degrees small Lang Gao Youqi are welcomed by Chinese and foreign consumers. p>

2. Haiqing green tea

is produced in Haiqing Town, Huangdao District. The appearance is full bud and dark green. After brewing, it is yellow and green. It is the top grade of green tea, including silver needle, Longjing, Biluochun, Maofeng, fried green and other varieties

3. Blueberry

blueberry has high vitamin content. It is a nutritional and health fruit with high amino acid, zinc, calcium, iron, copper and vitamins. Jiawo blueberry garden in zhangjialou, Huangdao District, lanbaoshi blueberry ecological garden in Baoshan, Houren blueberry garden, Huihai blueberry garden in liwuguan and other parks are planted

4. Sea cucumber

Huangdao sea area is one of the most suitable sea areas for sea cucumber growth. It is also the main producing area of Qingdao sea cucumber. The sea cucumber produced is large, thick skinned, soft and waxy meat, no fishy smell and rich in nutritional value


abalone in Huangdao District is mainly produced in Langya, LINGSHANWEI, Binhai, Boli and other coastal towns. The abalone in Huangdao District is large, soft and smooth, tastes extremely delicious, and has important nutritional and economic value

there are many sea cucumber abalone in Huangdao and many sea products, such as:
laoyinjia sea cucumber, Lingshan island sea rice, Xuejiadao shrimp skin, liuhuapo taro, Hongshiya strawberry, Xin’an paper cutting, Da’an, ostrich egg crafts, tianyiyuan sand painting
let me introduce in detail:
liuhuapo “taro
liuhuapo” taro is produced in liuhuapo at the foot of Zhushan mountain in the development zone, It is rich in taro because of its fine soil and suitable climate. Liuhuapo taro tastes pure, soft and nutritious. It is rich in carbohydrates, dietary fiber, vitamin B group, potassium, calcium, zinc and other elements. Among them, dietary fiber and potassium are the most abundant and have high nutritional value. It has been a delicacy on the table of Qingdao people since ancient times and is deeply loved by the masses. In 2007, liuhuapo taro obtained the certification of pollution-free agricultural products and won the top ten characteristic tourist souvenirs of Qingdao Development Zone. It is exported to Japan and South Korea and is deeply welcomed by customers. It is an ideal choice for tourism gifts
Huangdao paper-cut
Huangdao paper-cut has a long history of more than 300 years, while Xin’an paper-cut is more famous. It was sent to Beijing as a tribute in the Qing Dynasty and was loved by the royal family. In November 1985, when Zhang Shuzhen, a skilled folk paper-cut artist in shanchenjia village, visited Mexico with the delegation of Qingdao municipal government, her paper-cut art performance was deeply loved by the Mexican people and aroused the strong interest of international friends in paper-cut art. In recent years, Xin’an paper-cut art has been highly valued by cultural departments at all levels. On the original basis, folk paper-cut art has been excavated and sorted out. Many of its works have won awards in provincial and municipal art exhibitions, folk art exhibitions and international cultural exchanges, and have been highly praised by relevant experts. In 2006, Huangdao paper-cut was listed in the first batch of intangible cultural heritage by Shandong Province. Xin’an paper-cut, as a part of “intangible heritage”, occupies an important position in the paper-cut cultural industry of Huangdao District and has formed a bright spot of regional culture

I hope I can help you~

Qingdao’s top ten featured commodities: Qingdao beer (a well-known commodity in China), Laoshan mineral water (a well-known “divine water” at home and abroad), Jimo old wine (gold medal in the national light industry system liquor quality competition), pastoral straw crafts, double star tourist shoes (a well-known commodity in China) Hongchao brand vacuum packaging variegated clam Swan brand machine embroidered lace products Dacheng brand real silk transfer color painting products Laochi brand Laoshan Yunfeng tea plum crane brand famous and high-quality seafood products: Haier household appliances (Chinese well-known commodities), Hisense TV (Chinese well-known commodities) Aucma TV freezer (Chinese Huachi famous commodities) East China wine, Langya white Baijiu, Laoshan Taiwan brand liquor, hade door brand cigarette Laoshan stone (precious stone collection and appreciation value), shell carving (unique handicraft produced by Qingdao) Qingdao big bag (Qingdao famous snacks), small red house beef soup dumplings (Shandong snack) Yingzhou fish snack (traditional snacks of Qingdao Hotel) Yingzhou clam set meal (seafood brand of Qingdao hotel) steamed red island oyster (characteristic brand of Qingdao xiaohonglou) guxiangcun prawn noodles (exclusive brand of guxiangcun noodle restaurant) meidal grilled squid (exclusive brand of meidal barbecue shop) Baodao seafood emerald noodles (unique brand of Baodao restaurant) Chengyang daxiantao (special fruit of Qingdao) cold dew dense peach (famous and high-quality products of the Ministry of Agriculture) “Xishi tongue” Seashell (a specialty of Qingdao) Jiaozhou Bay variegated clam (a famous and high-quality product of Qingdao) Laoshan fist dish Xiantai Yusong mushroom Beizhai big cherry Dazeshan grape (its planting land is named “hometown of Chinese grapes” by the Ministry of family industry)

old Yinjia sea cucumber, Lingshan island sea rice, Xuejia Island shrimp skin, liuhuapo taro, Hongshiya strawberry and Xin’an paper cutting
the most important thing is Tsingtao beer, which is from branch factories in other places, and the taste is
very different

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