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What are the snacks with convincing packaging?

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the word “wonderful flower” originally meant to refer to strange and beautiful flowers. Nowadays, the word has its own tone of sarcasm. It is used to describe people’s appearance, character and even puzzling things. In the snack industry, in order to attract the attention of customers, many businesses have made strange designs in terms of taste, appearance and packaging, in order to achieve the effect of high sales. But among these snacks, the design and packaging of some snacks are so convincing. For example, have you seen these six kinds of snacks? Do you also express “convinced” about their packaging

dog excrement candy

the packaging of dog excrement candy is very creative. Most of these distinctive snacks can be found in some scenic spots. This kind of dog excrement candy also says to eat dog excrement candy and get lucky. After listening to such a snack name, I have no desire to eat it. Some netizens even commented that shit candy can’t stand it at all! I really don’t know why shit candy has such an ugly name

blood bag soda

you can drink this at night, especially the bloody soda. You can look at your girlfriend with strange eyes while drinking. But be careful that she is in a hurry. She will pick up the broom and throw it in your face. This blood bag soda is actually very delicious and fun. It’s a magic weapon for spoofing girlfriends

tampon marshmallow

to be honest, this snack tastes very good. It’s sweet and melts in the mouth. Girls like it very much. Some people may ask when they see here. Since it’s so delicious, some boys will like it. In fact, on the contrary, very few boys like it because its appearance and name are too wonderful. Its name has three words of sanitary cotton, and its appearance is also particularly like sanitary cotton. Girls often buy it and don’t feel shy. Unlike boys, many boys have bought this kind of thing in the first half of their life. If they are asked to buy this kind of thing, they will feel very shy and don’t dare to buy it at all

honeycomb briquette cake

wouldn’t you be surprised to see such a cake for the first time? There is no such idea. Do you know what it means? Its moral is to eat bad luck. This is black rice from Northeast China. It tastes very soft, sweet but not greasy and elastic

tooth candy

looks like many grandparents’ dentures. What you can eat really needs not only the heart of a man, but also the spirit of fearing death. But I believe many netizens will lose their appetite when they see this kind of sugar

OK stretch chocolate

this kind of OK stretch chocolate looks like boxes of OK stretch from a distance, but in fact, there are packets of chocolate in boxes of OK stretch. It also looks like a band aid, but it is still black, and you can know what it is

there are many snacks with strange packaging and convincing: single dog potato chips, canned rock candy, small gourd ice cream, lipstick like spicy chips, pill like milk tablets, etc., which attract people at a glance.

puffed food. Chips, shrimp chips and so on. Because they are fragile. Therefore, the method of inflation is adopted in the packaging. But there are few in it.

Leshi potato chips, spicy chips, guodanpi. These kinds of packages are gorgeous and well designed, which makes people feel the urge to eat.

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