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What are the requirements for packaging structure design

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1. Scientific
apply advanced and correct design methods, appropriate structural materials and processing technology to standardize, serialize and generalize the design, comply with relevant laws and regulations, and the products are suitable for batch mechanized automatic production
2. Economy
requires reasonable selection of materials, reduction of raw material cost, reduction of raw material consumption, reasonable design procedure, improvement of work efficiency, reduction of cost, etc
3. Capacity
the package must be able to reliably contain the specified amount of contents without any loopholes or leakage
4. Safety
the packaging must ensure that the contents will not be damaged after a series of loading, unloading, transportation, storage, display and sales until the consumer is put into use or used within the validity period. Here, it includes the protection of the contents as well as the protection of the packaging itself, that is, the packaging structure design should have sufficient strength, stiffness and stability to withstand the action and influence of various external factors in the circulation process
5. Ease of use
in the “human packaging product environment” packaging series, humanized ease of use is one of the symbols reflecting the functions of modern packaging Excellent packaging design should fully consider the structural size of human body and human physiological and psychological factors. The design of light and easy to handle packaging can reduce fatigue strength, reduce rough loading and unloading, and the sales packaging that is easy to carry and easy to hold can often induce consumers’ desire to buy and promote sales. Therefore, the packaging should be convenient for loading, transportation, loading and unloading, display, sales and carrying
6. Environmental protection
similarly, in the packaging system of human packaging product environment, environmental protection is also one of the symbols reflecting the function of modern packaging. The international community has paid more and more attention to the dual role of packaging in reducing pollution and manufacturing pollution, and takes the road of sustainable development in economy. Saving resources and protecting the environment are the key guarantee of sustainable development. Packaging structure can play an important role in reducing, recycling and harmlessness of packaging
7. Identifiability
packaging must have obvious identifiability. With its own remarkable characteristics, people can quickly find it in a wide range of market shelves
8 Display
packaging must have good display effect or ideal attraction on the premise of full display, so as to induce consumers to make a decision to buy on the spot or leave a deep impression for later purchase

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