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What are the plastic bag sealing machines? Hurry!

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it is a kind of plastic bag sealing machine recommended by Ouhua, which is suitable for plastic bag sealing machine

plastic bag sealing machine can be divided into continuous film sealing machine, plastic film sealing machine, plastic hose tail sealing machine and pedal plastic sealing machine
film continuous sealing machine
basic features:
1 It can be used for packaging and sealing of food bags, medicine, laboratories, daily cosmetics, local specialties, chemical products, electronic products, vegetable seeds, clothing, electronic originals, hardware, local specialties and other products. It is widely used in factories, stores, retail departments, service industries, scientific research and military industries
2. The equipment has firm sealing and high efficiency; Simple and compact structure and small volume; Beautiful appearance, advanced technology and low power consumption; Advantages: convenient maintenance, etc
3. The sealing machine can be equipped with embossing wheel and printing wheel. The font can be changed as needed. The factory date, shelf life, storage period and other marks can be printed at the same time. The sealing pattern and mark handwriting are clear and beautiful
technical parameters:
sealing material: 0.03-0.80mm thick thermoplastic film
sealing length: 0 – Infinity
bag sealing capacity: 55 bags /min (100mm)
sealing speed: 0-12m /min
conveyor belt size: 775 × 140mm
temperature control mode: thermocouple precision temperature control
temperature range: maximum 300 degrees
cooling mode: air cooling
overall size: 810 × three hundred and seventy × 310mm
number of printed words: ≤ 39 words (No. 4 font)
weight: 17.5kg
plastic film sealing machine
basic features:
plastic film sealing machine is suitable for sealing and packaging of plastic bags. It can seal plastic films of various materials (PE, PP, aluminum film, etc.) and also allow indentation printing device, counting function, etc
principle and structure (you can learn about it)
1. The machine is composed of frame, speed reduction and speed regulation transmission mechanism, heating and heat dissipation mechanism, sealing and printing mechanism, conveying device, electrical and electronic control system and other components
2. Turn on the power supply and all institutions begin to work. Heating after the electric heating element is powered on, so that the upper and lower heating blocks rise sharply, and the control system is connected to adjust to the required temperature; The embossing wheel rotates; Start the cooling system as required; The conveyor belt rotates and is adjusted to the required speed by the speed regulating device
3. When the package containing articles is placed on the conveyor belt, the sealing part of the bag is automatically sent to the two sealing belts in operation and brought into the heating area. The heat of the heating block is transmitted to the sealing part of the bag through the sealing belt to soften the film, and then the surface temperature of the film is appropriately reduced through the cooling area, and then rolled by the knurling wheel (or printing wheel), Make the upper and lower plastic films of the sealing part stick and press the mesh pattern (or printed logo), and then send the sealed packaging bag out of the machine by the guide rubber belt and conveyor belt to complete the sealing operation

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