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What are the key points of medical packaging design?

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different from other kinds of goods in packaging, it has many constraints. For example, when packaging drugs, it is necessary to display all aspects of information needed by consumers on a small packaging box, including the name, capacity, active ingredients, use methods and precautions of drugs
in addition, if it is dangerous drugs or highly toxic drugs, it also needs to be displayed through words and specific images
2. More preciseness
due to the preciseness of medical treatment, the color and image of medical packaging design can not be as fancy, changeable and free as other products. This is why the medical packaging we see is usually similar and lacks novel changes
3. Pay attention to the accurate use of color
the choice of packaging design color should be closely based on the patient’s condition. For some severe patients, such as patients with advanced cancer, uremia and liver cirrhosis, because their mood is relatively low, they can choose warm colors with high brightness and color in the packaging color to make it more warm and relaxed.

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