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What are the hazards of over packaging?

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excessive packaging consumes resources and pollutes the environment, causing a series of harm to the society. China has become one of the countries with the most serious situation of luxury packaging. The volume of packaging waste accounts for half of solid waste. A survey shows that 1 /3 of urban domestic waste is packaging waste, and more than half of these packaging waste is luxury packaging

in addition, excessive packaging also increases the product cost and damages the interests of consumers. Excessive packaging makes some consumers compare blindly, forming a consumer psychology of paying attention to appearance and ignoring essence, which in turn stimulates manufacturers to provide more flashy goods, resulting in a vicious circle. In the long run, consumers will suffer

excessive packaging should be corrected

relevant departments have clearly limited the packaging specifications of beverages, wine, pastries, grain, health food, cosmetics and other products, but in the implementation, manufacturers often evade the standards by playing a marginal ball and drilling loopholes. On the one hand, government departments should strengthen the supervision of commodity production and strengthen the crackdown on commodities in violation of regulations; On the other hand, we should control the consumption of public funds, curb the trend of gift giving with public funds, and prevent public consumption from contributing to the trend of extravagant packaging

of course, to really change customs, consumers also need to change their consumption concept and advocate “small gifts and heavy feelings”. It should be noted that luxury packaging is just meaningless “face”, and true friendship, low-carbon life and simple attitude are the real “inside”

reference to the above information: People’s Daily – Guangming Daily: don’t forget the “face” of excessive packaging

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