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What are the exhibitions worth seeing in Hangzhou?

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looking for new faces in Hangzhou — photography exhibition of Xiao quanshidai photo studio. In the new year, these “new faces in Hangzhou” will finally meet you in the form of exhibition. In fact, in this exhibition, we can see not only the photos of Hangzhou people, but also an epitome of the contemporary spirit of Hangzhou people.

art170 art space opening exhibition, an experimental contemporary art exhibition, all works come from young artists in China. For ordinary audiences, what the works want to express may not be so easy to understand, but the artistic concept of the works is indeed cutting-edge and cutting-edge enough.

Asian bamboo art exhibition, [ Asian bamboo art exhibition] is a wave of activities in the announced school celebration announcement. The quality and specifications must be first-class, which is very worth seeing.

in neon and silver clothes, the National Silk Museum will promote an art exhibition of ethnic minorities every year. This year’s “most dazzling national style” is “Miao art style”. In the temporary exhibition hall of the Fashion Museum of China Silk Museum.

the first exhibition of Hangzhou Baolong Art Center and international cross media interactive art exhibition. This exhibition will be the first exhibition of the opening of Hangzhou Baolong Art Center. The content and volume are huge, including five units: International cross media interactive art exhibition, contemporary art master works exhibition, international top Print Photography exhibition, Chinese young contemporary artist works exhibition, international home design exhibition The immersive and interactive art exhibition brings rich artistic experience. In fact, each exhibition unit can support a separate exhibition.

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