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What are the advantages and disadvantages of plastic packaging materials

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advantages of plastic packaging materials:
first of all, we have to say that the biggest characteristics of plastic packaging materials are light weight and good mechanical properties. For many goods that need long-distance transportation, they can reduce the transportation weight and facilitate transportation. This is unmatched by glass and metal materials
secondly, plastic materials have very suitable barrier and permeability. You know, in plastic packaging, there are gas barrier packaging. Moisture proof packaging, waterproof packaging, and all kinds of fresh-keeping packaging for fresh-keeping fruits. These are plastic packages that are extended to meet the breathing function of fresh food materials. Thirdly, the optical performance of plastic packaging is very good. Because plastic packaging materials can be made transparent, when it is made into packaging containers, we can see the contents clearly. This indirect way of promotion has a very good effect
it must be mentioned here that plastic packaging materials have good hygiene. For those pure polymer resins, plastic packaging is almost non-toxic. When we want to package food, we can safely apply it
disadvantages of plastic packaging materials:
for individual resin monomers, especially monomer polyethylene, when they are selected for the production of plastic packaging materials, if the content is too high, that is, when it reaches a certain concentration, it is easy to be absorbed by the food in the package, resulting in certain harm to the human body. Therefore, for some plastic packaging materials, They are not commonly used in food packaging. In addition, plastic packaging has the characteristics of lower strength and hardness than metal and other materials, poor heat resistance and easy aging of materials, which are unavoidable shortcomings of plastic packaging materials
having said so much, I believe you have a basic understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of plastic packaging materials. Here, Jiuzhi plastic network recommends that you avoid plastic packaging if you have high requirements for freshness in the packaging of food and other things in the future!

the advantages and disadvantages of plastic for packaging are shown in the figure

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