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Water soluble plastic bag

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After the plastic ban. Many farmers’ markets have no bags. It is said that there are water-soluble plastic bags, which are environmentally friendly. What is the production material of this bag. Machinery, equipment and production flow line. You can buy this kind of machine there. At what price (personal factory)

green packaging material — Introduction to water-soluble plastic packaging film
water-soluble plastic packaging film is a novel green packaging material. The main raw material is polyvinyl alcohol with low alcoholysis degree. Various additives, such as surfactant, plasticizer and anti adhesion agent, are added by using the film-forming, water-soluble and degradability of polyvinyl alcohol. Water soluble film products are green packaging materials, which have been recognized by national environmental protection departments in Europe, America, Japan and other countries. At present, biological oxygen demand (BOD) and chemical oxygen demand (COD) are mainly regarded as environmental protection indicators at home and abroad. The relevant Japanese departments measured that the biological oxygen consumption (BOD) of polyvinyl alcohol is much smaller than that of starch. The amount of BOD measured after 5 days of biodegradation of PVA products of airvol company by American air products company is lower than 1% of the initial total BOD. The biological test shows that polyvinyl alcohol is non-toxic and will not prevent the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, and has no impact on wastewater treatment and environmental sanitation. The microbial decomposition test of relevant departments also shows that polyvinyl alcohol is almost completely decomposed, resulting in a very low COD
in terms of degradation mechanism, polyvinyl alcohol has two degradation characteristics of water and biology. Firstly, it dissolves in water to form glue liquid and infiltrates into the soil to increase the soil’s agglomeration, permeability and water retention. It is especially suitable for sandy soil transformation. PVA in the soil can be decomposed by the bacteria isolated from the soil, a single cell () strain. The symbiotic system composed of at least two bacteria can degrade polyvinyl alcohol: one is the active bacteria of polyvinyl alcohol, and the other is the bacteria that produce the substances required by the active bacteria of PVA. The secondary alcohol oxidation reaction enzyme catalyzes polyvinyl alcohol, and then the hydrolase cuts off the oxidized PVA main chain for further degradation, and finally can be degraded into CO2 and H2O
at present, such products are mainly produced and sold in Japan, the United States and France, such as w , t , P company and C , C , I , P company in the United States, greensol company in France and synthetic chemical company in Japan. Its users are also some famous large companies, such as bayet, Henkel, shell and agr Large companies such as Eva have begun to use water-soluble films to package their products. Domestic Zhuzhou Institute of technology and Guangdong Zhaoqing Fangxing packaging materials company, with the support of the science and Technology Department of China Packaging Corporation, jointly developed water-soluble films and production equipment, which have passed the provincial and ministerial appraisal, have been put into production, and their products are going to the market
in China, the water-soluble film market is rising. According to relevant statistics, the annual demand for water-soluble packaging film in China accounts for 20% of plastic products, accounting for about 309000 tons. Even if it accounts for 5% of the market, the annual demand will reach 15000 tons. At present, the market price of PVA film is 130000 ~ 170000 yuan /ton for American products and 200000 ~ 250000 yuan /ton for Japanese products. The sales price of domestic products is only 40% of that of the United States, and the average price is 60000 yuan /ton. Therefore, it has strong competitiveness in price and has a very broad application prospect

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the most environmentally friendly product made of potassium carbonate

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