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Use and maintenance of book pillow packaging machine

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Books on the use and maintenance of pillow packaging machine

graduation project – overall design of coffee powder pillow packaging machine and design of metering device price: 50 yuan. Item 1. Preface 12. Overall design of coffee powder pillow packaging machine 32.1 power design 42.1.1 selection of motor 42.1.2 calculation of motion and dynamic parameters of transmission device 42.1.3 calculation of total transmission ratio and distribution transmission ratio at all levels of transmission device 53 design of transmission device 73.1v belt design Worm gear design…………………………………… 73 83.3 design of synchronous belt drive 143.4 design of gears 163.5 structural design and verification of material tray shaft 194. Design of metering device 224.1 design of tray device 224.2 determination of measuring cup size 224.3 determination of structural dimensions of material tray 234.4 design of coupling plate 244.5 design of material tray cover 245. Conclusion 25 references 26 acknowledgements 27 appendix Abstract: This design is a coffee powder pillow packaging machine. The subject comes from Yancheng Shenghe light industrial machinery factory. The main design contents are: the packaging principle design of coffee powder pillow packaging machine, the working principle of metering device, the overall structure design of packaging and the overall structure design of metering device. Considering the characteristics of coffee powder, the requirements of packaging bags and the actual production conditions of the factory, the packaging machine selects cam as the main mechanism for packaging bag sealing and traction; At the same time, the measuring cup type measurement is adopted, and the position of the movable bottom cover is limited by the opening and closing cover pin to realize the opening and closing of the blanking port of the measuring cup, so as to ensure the stability of the measurement process. This design analyzes the transmission route and packaging route of coffee powder packaging, and reasonably distributes the transmission ratio, which solves the problems of fast, stable and automatic packaging of coffee powder. The expected effect of the packaging machine is realized. Key words: packaging machine; Metering device; Coffee powder & lt/FONT>& lt;/SPAN>

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