Home xin The outer packaging is the perfume of beads in folds of paper bottles.

The outer packaging is the perfume of beads in folds of paper bottles.

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[nature and taste]
① Ben Jing: “pungent taste, cold.”
② bielu: “bitter, non-toxic.”
[functions and indications]
① this classic: “it is mainly used to heat the body, cold and syncope the limbs, facilitate urination, dredge blood vessels, brighten the eyes and remove pannus.”
② bielu: “regulate Qi accumulation in the stomach, stop thirst, lower Qi and eliminate the evil Qi between the flanks, ribs and lungs.”
[usage and dosage] oral administration: decoction, 0.5 ~ 3 Liang
character identification this product is flat block or block with edges. River gray, gray or dark gray. Streaks are white or light gray. The body is heavy and hard, and the nails are not easy to scratch. However, it can be smashed. The section of light color has a shining star like luster to the light, and the luster of dark color is dim. Odorless and tasteless. Light color and luster are preferred
[identification] take 1g of this product powder, add 10ml of dilute hydrochloric acid, heat, dissolve and filter. The filtrate shows various reactions of calcium salt and sulfate. See “Plaster”
[introduction to medicinal materials] orthorhombic system. The crystal is plate-shaped or short columnar, but it is rare. It is generally a dense granular and marble aggregate. The color is white gray, light blue, light red and black. Streaks white. Glass or fat luster. Transparent or slightly transparent. The fracture is uneven. Hardness 3 ~ 3.5. Specific gravity 2.95. Brittle. It occurs in sedimentary strata, hydrothermal veins, igneous lava and contact metasomatic deposits.

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