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The difference between printing and proofing is explained in the figure

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proofing is provided to the final customer for review before printing. Generally, it can be printed only after the customer signs on the proofing. Proofing is equivalent to the attachment of the printing contract before printing. It determines the graphic layout and color of the printed matter. At the same time, proofing is the printing reference of the printer captain. The printer captain should adjust the ink and water balance of the printer according to the color saturation to strive for customer satisfaction
the proofing itself is divided into traditional proofing and digital proofing
the traditional proofing is similar to the printing process. First, the electronic document should be output into film, print, and then printed with ink on the proofing machine. This appearance is closest to the final finished product (mainly color), and traditional proofing is generally adopted for those with high color quality requirements; Digital proofing is the product of modern electronic technology. It does not need to print. It uses electronic documents to output directly on the inkjet proofing machine, and the color is close to printing. The color of the appearance on other output devices is difficult to restore on the four-color printing machine (such as ordinary household or office inkjet printer, laser printer, etc.), so the digital sample usually refers to the appearance made by the inkjet digital proofing machine. Thus, the so-called digital sample generally refers to the color inkjet digital sample
in addition, the traditional proofing does not use a printing machine. The structure of the proofing machine is obviously different from that of the printing machine!

as far as paper printing is concerned, color jet proofing is generally to produce a sample with a high-precision inkjet printer. For example, use Epson, R270, T50 and other machines. Color spray proofing is also a kind of digital proofing. In addition, there is also a color laser proofing machine, which can also be regarded as digital proofing, because these do not need film and plate making. The traditional proofing is not clear. It is estimated that it is direct plate making. This cost may be the highest, but it is also the closest to the effect of the finished product.

let me be more popular:
traditional proofing refers to proofing with a printing press. General process, film production, plate printing, printing with ink
digital proofing: it is similar to the principle of printer, and the cost is lower than that of traditional proofing
color jet proofing. I haven’t heard of it, but I think it refers to printing with inkjet printer. This color is the coarsest and inaccurate

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