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Technical requirements for making vermicelli

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vermicelli, also known as vermicelli, is a special traditional food made of sweet potato, potato and other raw materials and processed by grinding and sedimentation. After cooking, the noodles taste smooth and elastic. Vermicelli is rich in carbohydrates, dietary fiber and protein. It is often eaten as soup or mixed vegetables. Of course, it is also very delicious when fried. Since the noodles are so delicious, let’s talk about how the noodles are made
technological principle of noodle making technology:
preheating → spiral mixing → vacuum feeding → constant temperature storage (mixing) → scraper blanking and forming → curing (steam steaming) → cooling → separation → normal temperature aging → low temperature aging (cold storage) → vertical shredding → low temperature and large air volume shaping and drying → cooling (cold air) → fixed length cross cutting → packaging.

there are several reasons for the gluten of vermicelli. One is the raw material. If it is corn starch, it must not be gluten. As long as sweet potato starch, it is generally OK. The second is to look at the equipment. There are many kinds of equipment for processing vermicelli, including leaky ladle type and extrusion type. Generally, leaky ladle type is better than extrusion type. The third is to look at the process. The same equipment, the same raw materials, different processes, and different gluten degrees. For example, the length of dough mixing time, the size of dough, and the gluten of vermicelli are also different. In addition, whether freezing is used or not will be affected by the length of freezing time. Fourth, there are many kinds of additives. I generally do not advocate using them, but the leakage type must be used. Natural raw materials can be selected to replace alum, and the technology is still very mature

there are many ways to make noodles, and the processing process and equipment are also very different. There are mainly: first, extrusion type, the main equipment. The extrusion type noodle machine can be equipped with a pulping machine. The process flow: raw material – pulping – extruding – cooling – powder opening – powder rubbing – drying – finished product cutting. The second is the powder leakage type. The main equipment is the powder leakage machine. In addition, it can also use vacuum dough mixing machine, mixer and steam pot. The main processes include raw materials – dough mixing – vacuumizing – powder leakage – out of the pot – cooling – powder rubbing – drying – finished products.

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