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Sutong vacuum packaging machine dzd500s?

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Vacuum time, heat sealing time, cooling time, how many settings are normal? What is the sealing voltage V?

dzd-500 /2S single chamber vacuum packaging machine
features: large capacity flat vacuum packaging has two kinds of heating rows, which can be exchanged and used as needed, with the feature of one machine with multiple functions; Made of stainless steel, non rusting, long sealing length, suitable for large packaging (such as Jinhua ham)

main technical parameters:

· sealing size: 700 × 10mm, spacing 465mm; four hundred × 10mm spacing 850mm

· number of primary sealing strips: 2

· packaging capacity: 2 times /minute

· power supply form: 380V 1.1KW

· heat sealing: 1.5kw
specific setting parameters can be set according to your own needs.

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