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Responsibilities of production supervisor in carton factory

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: resolutely obey the production tasks assigned by the company; 2: Always implement various systems and resolutions decided by the company; 3: Reasonably arrange production and optimize the combination of labor groups; 4: Actively organize and explore new processes and good methods of product production, improve production efficiency and reduce production costs; 5. Regularly and timely carry out production and labor safety education for workshop employees to eliminate potential accidents and eliminate labor accidents; 6: Formulate the maintenance system of production equipment in the workshop and implement the daily mechanical maintenance; 7: Actively advocate rationalization suggestions and strive to improve the production technology of employees; 8: Establish the idea of long-term training for new employees, and conduct technical competition and operation technical level inspection for employees on time; 9: Strictly control the daily work of each process, and assess each shift of each production link;

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