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Qiaodasheng brand vacuum packaging machine Wenzhou Xinda packaging machinery factory How much is dzq500 top cover

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when choosing a vacuum pumping machine, you must choose a manufacturer with experience in vacuum pumping machine production and customization, because in this way, you can customize or recommend a vacuum pumping packaging machine suitable for your products according to your products. And it can save you a lot of time and cost

features of vacuum pumping unit:

vacuum pumping unit is composed of vacuum system, air pumping and sealing system, hot pressing sealing system, electrical control system, etc. The external vacuum pumping machine is to automatically seal the packaging bag immediately after it is pumped into a low vacuum. Due to the high vacuum in the bag, there is little residual air, which inhibits the reproduction of bacteria and other microorganisms, and avoids oxidation, mildew and corruption of articles. At the same time, for some soft articles, after being packaged by the full-automatic vacuum pumping machine, the packaging volume can be reduced, which is convenient for transportation and storage

suggestions for vacuum pumping unit selection:

1 Packaging speed: in order to improve production efficiency, double chamber or multi chamber vacuum pumping machine can be selected to improve the progress of the whole production

2. Filling gas: whether the packaged goods need to be filled with other protective gases, you can choose a multi-functional vacuum pumping machine with inflation device

3. Vacuum requirements: requirements for vacuum degree of packaged articles. If the packaged goods can be well preserved only under the condition of high vacuum, the cavity vacuum pumping machine shall be selected

4. Vacuum state: for dry and non corrosive materials such as packaging solids and particles, aluminum alloy can be selected, while for materials with soup and high salt and acid composition, stainless steel or aluminum magnesium alloy can be selected. The sealing ring is generally made of silicone rubber and black rubber. A few low-grade products are made of foamed rubber. Silicone rubber has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good sealing performance and long service life. Foamed rubber has poor sealing performance, easy to fall off and short service life.

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