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Q: what is the disposable tableware packing bag?

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answer: packing bag refers to the bag used to pack various articles, which is widely used in daily life and industrial production
answer: disposable packaging box refers to the box used for packaging items for one-time use. Although this kind of packaging box is called disposable packaging box, due to its material characteristics, the packaging box can be reused for many times. At present, most of the disposable packaging boxes on the market are disposable packaging boxes formed by rubber injection molding and Blister molding
answer: disposable tableware packaging bag refers to the disposable bag used to package tableware, which is widely used in the catering industry
answer: foamed tableware, i.e. disposable foamed plastic tableware, refers to all kinds of tableware made of polystyrene resin, which is heated and melted at high temperature in the extruder, then added with foaming agent (butane) to extrude and pull the sheet, rolled up, placed in a ventilated and humid environment for health preservation, and then heated and blistered for secondary molding, such as fast food boxes, soup bowls, instant noodles bowls, fresh trays, etc.

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