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Production process of aluminum foil bag and vacuum bag?

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the production process of aluminum foil bag is as follows:
aluminum ingot melting – casting rolling – cold rolling – Intermediate Annealing – cold rolling – aluminum foil blank – rough rolling – medium rolling – finish rolling
(double combination) – slitting – annealing of finished aluminum foil – compounding – bag making – finished aluminum foil bag – packaging
in this
process flow,
is the whole process from aluminum foil raw material to processing plain foil,
and then in composite bag making
in order to save cost and time,
enterprises producing
aluminum foil bags generally choose to purchase aluminum foil films directly,
and then make materials
composite bags

the production process of vacuum packaging bag can be divided into four steps:

1: packaging design: This is to design the layout of the food vacuum bag according to the requirements of the food company. A good design layout of food vacuum bag plays a good role in improving the sales volume of products. First, our company provides free food vacuum packaging bag design

2: plate making: making the copper plate required on the food packaging printing machine according to the confirmation draft of food packaging design. The plate is a cylinder and is a complete set, not a single one. The specific size and number of plates should be determined according to the packaging design in the previous step

3: layout printing: the specific work content on the food packaging printing machine is printed according to the first layer of materials confirmed by the food company (the confirmation of materials can refer to the basis of vacuum bag). The printed effect drawing is not much different from the design drawing

4: composite: the so-called composite is to bond the two total materials together and stick the ink surface between the two layers of materials, such as PA (nylon) /PE (reinforced). Nylon is the first layer of material, that is, the printed material, PE (reinforced) is the second layer of material, that is, the composite material. In some cases, there will be the third and fourth layers of material. If making ordinary aluminum foil bag (OPP light film /Al aluminum foil /PE reinforcement), the third layer is required. Usually, before compounding, it is necessary to check the previously printed materials and eliminate the materials with poor printing effect.

first, the requirements of the environment
I. before entering the vacuum bag workshop, the workshop workers are required to change work clothes, shoes, wash hands and disinfect. If you are not an employee of the company and want to visit, you have to wear isolation clothes and foot covers
II Before entering the aluminum foil bag workshop, there is a device called “wind shower” “It’s for disinfection. Everyone who enters the workshop must pass through here and disinfect!
III. The overall hygiene of the workshop requires daily cleaning, inspection and disinfection once a week! The ground is disinfected with 84 and the environment is disinfected with ultraviolet light!
IV: the workshop is required to be well sealed to prevent mosquitoes, flies, mice and other pests from entering the workshop and polluting the environment!
secondly, the requirements on raw materials!
I The PE raw material used is polyethylene resin. This raw material is non-toxic and tasteless. It is the best raw material for the production of food vacuum bags
2. It is absolutely forbidden to add recycled materials to food vacuum bags, because recycled materials are too dirty and not pure PE materials, and there will be other substances harmful to the body, so it is absolutely prohibited
III. It is not allowed to add “filling” in the production of vacuum bags. Filling is a kind of granular material added to save cost, which is also harmful to the body. The way to distinguish is that the filled vacuum bags will turn white and the characteristics of tensile strength will deteriorate
Third: when raw materials and finished products enter and leave the workshop, they must have separate channels

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