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Price of cylinder screen printing machine

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this question is too one-sided
you should know the size you want to print, that is, the diameter and length of the cylinder
and then choose a suitable model
such equipment is generally divided into 300mm /450 /600 /750 /950
the cheapest is about 7000, and 950 is better, that is, more than 35000

if you want to print the rolled tape, it is recommended to use roll to roll tape. The profit of this industry is relatively low, There must be a certain output support. The standard machine is about 90000. If it is modified, it is about 20000-30000. However, the performance is certainly not as good as the standard machine, but it can be used, and it is much better than the semi-automatic one
if you are interested, please contact me by phone. My mobile phone is in my profile.

is it a circular screen printing machine, that is, curved surface printing, which can print cylinders
if the product quantity is small, semi-automatic screen printing machine can be used. If the product quantity is large, full-automatic screen printing machine can be considered
the price is hard to say. Those produced in Zhejiang are cheaper than those produced in Guangdong. Each has its own advantages. Every penny counts.

the price mainly depends on the place where the parts are produced. It’s impossible to have good quality and cheap goods


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