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Plastic bottle thermoplastic sealing machine can’t seal the mouth. Why

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The bottom of plastic cosmetic bottles is not tightly sealed. Why?

Hello friend

did you say whether the sealing machine for plastic bottles is a plastic sealing machine or an aluminum electromagnetic induction sealing machine

if it is a sealing machine
start with the machine first,
see if there is a way to increase the temperature or a heating delay device in the inner line

secondly, starting with materials, the plastic film is thinner, which is good, and the sealing temperature can be reduced

the last place to seal should be dried so that the chance of sealing is better

in fact, the main problem I judge is that the power is not enough and it is cold in winter, so it can’t be sealed firmly

if it is an electromagnetic induction sealing machine, the sealing machine is related to the thickness of the bottle cap, the power of the machine and the material of the aluminum foil. I really don’t understand. I can call your supplier. They must know very well

it can’t be solved yet. You can tell us the model and I’ll help you find a way. I’m mainly engaged in sealing machine. My name is Zhang Yejia. I’m Baidu Hi

in this way, you should use electromagnetic induction sealing machine. The aluminum foil should be silver, with one side facing the bottle mouth, and then close the lid. If the seal is not good, either you make a mistake in the material of the aluminum foil, or the power of the sealing machine is reduced.

is the temperature of heat seal not enough
in addition, check whether the pressure is insufficient
is there deformation at the seal
check the above three places and you can generally solve the problem.

it used to be sealed, but now it can’t be sealed? Or just started using it

what kind of hose is it made of? Aluminum plastic pipe or plastic pipe

Yes, Baidu, hi me

what is it? Is it aluminum foil sealing! I don’t know what model you’re talking about!

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