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Pharmaceutical QA problems?

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1. You should first look at the pharmaceutical factory you are practicing in, what are the job responsibilities of QA, other regular employees engaged in QA, and what they mainly do. Consult them, and you will have a bottom of your heart

2. Check the work characteristics of QA in other pharmaceutical factories online, and then improve your understanding in combination with the situation of your internship factory

3. Don’t be nervous during the interview. Since it was introduced by a friend, the success rate is relatively high. Tell the truth during the interview, and improve what you don’t understand in your work

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Job Responsibilities:
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QA inspectors shall strictly abide by various systems applicable to the production site when conducting on-site inspection
environmental hygiene inspection: check whether the temperature and humidity control in the clean area meet the requirements, whether the plant and ground are clean (areas without production), whether the floor drain is clean and liquid sealed, and whether it is disinfected regularly
check of status marks: check whether the status marks of equipment, materials and containers are complete and correct
inspection of production operation: check whether the production is carried out according to the production instruction, whether the operation is carried out according to the SOP, and whether the control of process parameters meets the requirements of process procedures and production instructions
inspection of materials: whether the storage, distribution and use are carried out according to the specified contents, whether the materials used in production are correct, whether the weighing is rechecked and whether there is a certificate of conformity
inspection of intermediate production control: whether the intermediate production control is carried out according to the specified time interval and control method
inspection of process water: whether the process water meets the requirements, whether the water quality is monitored regularly, and whether the process water is used according to the regulations
site clearance inspection: whether the site clearance is carried out according to the specified procedures and whether the site clearance results meet the requirements
personnel hygiene inspection: whether the personnel entering the clean area wash their hands, change clothes and shoes according to the regulations, whether there are wounds on the surface and whether they are suffering from infectious diseases
during packaging, whether the collection of labels and instructions meets the requirements, whether the batch number and quantity are correct, and whether the scrapped labels are destroyed by special personnel in time
whether the material balance is within the allowable range
whether the production records are filled in in time and modified according to regulations
whether the measuring instrument is calibrated, whether there is a certificate of conformity, and whether it exceeds the validity period of calibration


you can’t learn. Even if you do this, you’ll fail to do anything well

besides, just interview first and try. If you pass, it means you are recognized. What can you worry about

be confident.

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